Webmaster a networm love story

Author: China Southern Airlines

lover, what do you do keywords


can only Google you

days change,

will your address fail


exposed to the weather

, did you have a yellow snapshot of your face,


years of database

, if you save your name in garbled

log on to this mortal


need a lifetime to search for


, the motor is roaring. Look for your engine,

the rain ticked me over the ground,

IE (I Eye) 6 eyes enough to browse,


when the server is busy, the network traffic jam

– that’s at the same time, you’re checking me too, read more

Taobao makes money tired Do you know any other ways of playing

in the last half year, the Taobao is a single brush frenzied trend, Taobao market faces relax on the brush single regulation, this exchange sellers meet most of the word is a single brush, and many sellers complain about Taobao less traffic more and more difficult to make money, make money to small sellers is an existing trend, but this is not the reason whether the trend is good! Still, the 28 law has been, why you are not that easy money 20%


1. Keywords: intentions (I’m just serious)… read more

Talk about how new friends should be promoted

SEO now is becoming more and more important, many companies do not hesitate to spend a lot of money put into the network, specifically is also to promote. So many people have begun to shift to SEO, but a lot to do not always know how to start, while facing the pressure of reality is cruel, so they also have little time to look at the data, ask the teacher once, two times can be, can’t ask it, what to do? > do a long time, that I feel, I personally feel that the promotion is the technology, resources, resources, summarize certain at the same time there is a very important is the idea, way out of the decision, not a correct way of thinking may go a lot of road bend but also not want to achieve the effect of. read more

One of the fatal attractions of the nternet is the rules of the game

although I neglect to move around in the industry, but also often by a wave of hot blooded youth come to visit, explore how to break into the network industry, creating a world of mystery. These people can be roughly divided into four categories: one is that since the experience of the network, has a unique opinion, or unique resources; the two is already in the network industry dry for several years, but not willing to work for others, wanted to live on their own is a network industry; three story one after another by excited but, don’t think those successful people have what fantastic, felt too; four in other traditional industries is dry enough, that the Internet is a new industry, silly money opportunities. Recently to talk about the investment network is also a lot of people, I guess it is the financial crisis, but the industry still All business languishes., network video, search what, stride forward singing militant songs, 2 new stories, one by one, can feel a touch. Attention is paid to the outcome, to the process, to the cause, or to the neglect, or to the real understanding. The Internet has its appeal, but if it’s unclear what the source of attraction is, it’s often fatal to most people. read more

Reform takes time and network reform is as difficult as reality

in Phoenix TV quiz "Shenzhou" column, Sally Wu interviewed the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong, asked to "find problem – sealing station again" the Internet reorganization will last long time, Minister Li said, "at least in the first quarter of this period of time, I’m afraid to work harder, so to be able to see the effect in this special rectification, and it probably also need to continue for a period of time, also means that the next quarter time, individual website is more and more difficult. See Li Yizhong in stationmaster net admin5.com home page article: permanently personal website number will continue to increase, indicating that the network rectification movement continues to rise, the grassroots survival increasingly difficult, also means that the network more and more unemployed. Speculation has confirmed that more and more websites are being shut down permanently, and the number of grass root queue is getting more and more. read more