Reform takes time and network reform is as difficult as reality

in Phoenix TV quiz "Shenzhou" column, Sally Wu interviewed the Ministry of industry minister Li Yizhong, asked to "find problem – sealing station again" the Internet reorganization will last long time, Minister Li said, "at least in the first quarter of this period of time, I’m afraid to work harder, so to be able to see the effect in this special rectification, and it probably also need to continue for a period of time, also means that the next quarter time, individual website is more and more difficult. See Li Yizhong in stationmaster net home page article: permanently personal website number will continue to increase, indicating that the network rectification movement continues to rise, the grassroots survival increasingly difficult, also means that the network more and more unemployed. Speculation has confirmed that more and more websites are being shut down permanently, and the number of grass root queue is getting more and more. read more