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5 Unexpected Ways Apple’s ARKit Is Changing the Customer Experience Across Industries

first_imgApple’s ARKit has great implications for e-commerce. It’s the next best thing to literally trying before you buy, and you can do it anywhere you have your iPhone with you. Thanks to AR, consumers get a better feel for products before purchasing, increasing cart checkout totals and reducing returns. But the capabilities of AR promise big things for other industries, too. Here are five surprising ARKit applications that are changing the customer experience for the better.1. Car ShowroomsThanks to e-commerce and review sites, the car industry has been slowly shifting to be more customer friendly. Augmented created a virtual showroom experience of a Mercedes sedan using ARKit. Users can walk around the car, open and close doors, and try out different paint colors, allowing them to get a feel for the car without having a pushy salesman breathing down their shoulder.Once they choose a model and color, users can take it for a test drive with Vincenzo, and imagine what the car would look like parked next to their apartment building.2. Ordering FoodAlper Guler of Kabaq Food Technologies created a food ordering app that helps users envision ordering food at a restaurant.It’s easy to apply the same technology to food delivery and meal kit services like Blue Apron. If consumers can imagine what the finished meal will look like on their table at home, they might be more quick to order or subscribe.3. Event MarketingAt Disney’s D23 expo this summer, Steve Lukas dropped a “live” Mickey Mouse in front of the conference entrance. Companies can do something similar to enhance their brand presence at events, creating a virtual game or scavenger hunt experience to direct attendees their way. 4. Online TutorialsWhether they’re hardcore DIYers or just want to take on a new craft project, one thing that gives customers pause is whether they’ll be able to actually assemble the final advertised product. Online tutorial videos exploded in recent years to help address this problem. AR transfers the tutorial from YouTube to your very own craft table or garage, helping you put the product together yourself. Artists can gain inspiration from AR experiences like this one, which shows a friendly blob creature drawing a flower according to your command:5. Product PromotionFrom logo decals to product samples, companies are always thinking up new ways to give you freebies along with what you purchased. AR unlocks yet another freebie option, allowing customers to bring the brand to life in their own home. For example, upcoming DVD releases of Star Wards might come with an AR version of BB-8 to watch the film alongside the purchaser:Alternately, brands can delight customers and cement their loyalty by doing crazy things with their product, like raining endless cans of La Croix down on the floor:ConclusionARKit will come to all iPhones this fall. Until then, stay up to date with the latest ARKit developments by following MadeWithARKit, a Twitter account and blog showcasing the best submissions so far.Michael Quoc is the founder & CEO of Dealspotr, an open shopping platform bringing together up-and-coming brands, influencers, and savvy shoppers around today’s best deals. He was previously the Director of Product Management for Yahoo’s media lab, spearheading the launch of several innovative live video and mobile social networking services. Michael has been awarded nine patents relating to mobile and social network applications and technology. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelquoc. Related Posts Michael Quoc is the founder & CEO of Dealspotr, an open shopping platform bringing together up-and-coming brands, influencers, and savvy shoppers around today’s best deals. He was previously the Director of Product Management for Yahoo’s media lab, spearheading the launch of several innovative live video and mobile social networking services. Michael has been awarded nine patents relating to mobile and social network applications and technology. Follow him on Twitter at @michaelquoc. How AR and VR Will Enhance Customer Experience Michael Quoccenter_img How a Modern Gaming Engine Can Supercharge Your… AR And VR: Which is More Important to Emerging … Few Industries will not be Transformed by AR an…last_img read more

Nitish Kumar to embark on Jal-Jivan-Hariyali yatra from December 3

first_imgWith just a year left before Bihar’s Assembly elections become due, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is once again set to embark on a statewide tour, the “Jal- Jivan-Hariyali (water, life and greenery) yatra”, from West Champaran district on December 3. The first phase of the yatra would end on December 6, with Mr. Kumar scheduled to undertake a review of the development work and programmes regarding Jal-Jivan-Hariyali and other welfare measures initiated by the government including prohibition.The JD(U) leader, who has undertaken several such yatras in the past, had proceeded on a Nyay yatra after he came to power in 2005. He followed it up with a Seva yatra, a Vishwas yatra, an Adhikar yatra and even a Dhanyabad yatra. Mr. Kumar will begin his 11th such journey across the State from Champapur-Ganauli village of Bagha in West Champaran district on December 3. He would subsequently visit the neighbouring districts of East Champaran, Siwan and Gopalgunj.In the course of his journey Mr. Kumar would interact with the public on the issue of Jal-Jivan-Hariyali. An awareness campaign would also be organised in the districts on the theme of the journey. Suggestions from people’s representatives would be sought on the theme and all top district officials would be present during the review meetings with the chief minister. Mr. Kumar is also scheduled to appraise progress on programmes including Saat Nischay (seven resolves), prohibition and other welfare schemes announced earlier by him.Meanwhile, a JD(U) MLC Khalid Anwar proposed that Mr. Kumar should be conferred a “Nobel Prize” for his futuristic vision by way of the Jal-Jivan-Hariyali programme, which would address what is set to be a major concern for humankind in the coming years. “Bihar has become the first State which has undertaken such a wide campaign on water conservation in view of climate change,” Mr. Anwar asserted. Opposition leaders in the State promptly took a swipe at Mr. Anwar with some quipping, “Mr. Kumar should definitely be conferred Nobel Prize for doing nothing except politics to remain in power in the State for the last 15 years”.The State’s Rural Development and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shrawan Kumar said the government was very concerned about climate change and that “under Jal-Jivan-Hariyali programme 2.5 crore trees would be planted in the State in one day on August 9, 2020”. He added that the government had also taken a decision to spend ₹24,500 crore on the programme over the next three years “to complete it in a mission mode”. Separately, Deputy CM Sushil Kumar Modi too is scheduled to participate in a meeting of ministers from all States on the issue of environment, forest and climate change in New Delhi on Saturday.last_img read more

Sachin Tendulkar gifts Saina a BMW

first_imgCricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar gave away a brand new BMW car to India’s most successful shuttler Saina Nehwal at a function in Hyderabad on Sunday night.The batting maestro, who arrived here along with rest of the team to play the first test against New Zealand starting here Aug 23, gave away the car to Saina, who won a bronze medal in the London Olympics.The car was presented by Sachin’s close friend and former Andhra Ranji captain V. Chamundeswaranath to Saina, who became the first ever Indian badminton player to win an Olympic medal.Sachin also gave away Maruti Swift car to young shuttler Pusarla Venkata Sindhu, who won the girls’ singles title in the Asian Youth Under-19 Championships last month. She is also the first Indian to achieve this feat.”I am very happy to receive the second car from the god of cricket,” said Saina, who was accompanied by her coach Pullela Gopichand.”I am glad to congratulate Saina and Gopi. This medal means a lot for India and it has not come without hard work, dedication, focus and vision. I congratulate you for making us all feel proud,” said Sachin while congratulating other medal winners at London Olympics.The cars were given away at glittering function attended by sportspersons, film stars and other eminent personalities from various walks of life.last_img read more

Todd Defren Answers the Proust Questionaire

first_img wait… NYTimes. I am an unrepentant bi-coastal liberal. Good to Great still holds a place of honor on the shelf. I am a big believer in “getting the right people on the (proverbial) bus” and “turning the flywheel.” If you’ve read the book, you’re already nodding your approval. My worst and best managers came one after the other. My worst manager barely trusted me to handle the job, yet rarely gave me any direction about how to improve. Ironically, figuring out how to excel despite his mangled management style was great preparation for my next job, under my best manager: he trusted me implicitly; he arguably gave me more freedom than I’d earned and was always ready to offer patient, experienced advice when I asked for it. . wait… I am sure the typical answer would be “my iPhone.” In my case that’s problematic, since I do not own one. Instead, the device I cannot live without is my cellular USB dongle. Instead of paying Boingo and T-Mobile/Starbucks or the hotel du jour, I now surf at broadband speeds wherever there’s a cell connection: I’ve broken the wifi barrier. What Would You Like to Be The World’s Best at? Todd Defren is a founder and principal of the technology public relations firm,  PR Squared Device You Would Never Give Up? ? Your First “Real” Job?  PR: Google Reader. I access it on my laptop first thing in the morning, check-in throughout the day, and on the go via my PDA.  SD: ?  I:  L: Favorite Business Book(s) Who Was Your Best Manager? Why? wait… Your Favorite Software Application What Do You Most Value In Employees/Colleagues? Blog You Read Most Frequently wait…center_img I am a slave to Microsoft Office. wait… In the car – in the shower – anywhere where it’s near-impossible to write it down! Shift Communications I read Seth Godin’s blog for business inspiration; Chris Brogan for idea generation; and day-in, day-out, I read numerous PR and Marketing blogs (Shel Holtz, Brian Solis, Kami Huyse, Geoff Livingston, et al.). Originally published Oct 17, 2008 9:32:00 AM, updated March 21 2013 I’d like to be the best eagle hunter in Mongolia: these nomadic hunters can ride across the steppes at a full gallop with a golden eagle perched on their arm, ready to strike out for the day’s dinner. This requires preternatural balance, concentration, and a hard-won symbiosis between man, horse and bird. (When you spend years in front of a computer screen, you tend to fantasize about being great at tasks that are both far simpler and yet far tougher than pruning RSS feeds.) . He’s widely known as the creator of the Social Media Press release and author of the blog  Humor, loyalty, eagerness and patience. If someone has a “dark cloud” over their head, it brings the entire office down. Where Do You Do Your Best Thinking? wait… ? wait… Favorite Newspaper(s)  LD: Social Media Tool You Actually Use? Writing obits and events calendars for $8/hour at a small daily newspaper in Connecticut. George Washington. While he had the ambition to want the job, he also realized that beating the world’s most formidable army with a band of ragtag volunteers was a foolish dream. But, he prevailed. And then, most importantly, after 8 years in office – despite pleas to stay on in a quasi-royal role – Washington simply retired to his farm: a modern-day Cincinnatus. Bravery – honor – humility. ? Person That Inspires You? wait…  C:  I: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

A Lesson From La La Land: Create a Content Portfolio

first_img Warner Bros’ revenue last year video Webinar: Advanced Business Blogging  — a bubble disconnected from the business of selling  fencing in Littleton, MA , or  software applications Download the free webinar webinars Photo:  Originally published Aug 13, 2009 8:15:00 AM, updated July 03 2013 La La Land Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack leads Consider the distribution of  It’s  andy castro a portfolio of films Real Estate in Chapel Hill, NC Here’s what I mean: Hollywood movie execs have no idea which movies are going to be blockbusters. So the smart ones don’t try to pick. Instead, they create  If you want to make a blockbuster, plan on making lots of bombs in the process. and sales. So, what’s in your portfolio?  . The more diversity you have in your content portfolio, the better your chances of producing content that generates traffic, slidedecks You should also take the portfolio approach to different media types. Blogging is important, but don’t make it your only focus — try  (see the graph below); their four biggest movies accounted for more than half of the ticket sales. and Not so fast. , Learn how to build your business blog into an inbound marketing machine. , right? If you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, chances are you don’t pay too much attention to Hollywood. There is a least one big lesson marketers and small business owners can learn from Hollywood: As a marketer or small business owner, you should think of content the way Warner Bros thinks of its movies — as pieces of a portfolio. to learn how to create a thriving blog. . Most of the films in their portfolio end up bombing, but that’s ok because it only takes one blockbuster to pay off their investment in the rest. , Instead of trying to pick one or two winning blog articles every month, write one or two dozen shorter articles. This will give you a better chance of publishing a blockbuster.last_img read more

Transforming Your Marketing Culture with Seth Godin [@InboundNow #15]

first_img Seth How companies can stand out and transcend traditional marketing tactics. Inbound Now Poke the Box Purple Cow Doing, poking, prodding, and challenging the status quo Inbound Marketing , All Marketers are Liars, & For the full transcript head here:  Always Be ShippingThe notion that you can wet test anything changes everything. Quote “The only way to understand the box is to see the edges” Get Near the Edges of the BoxPush boundaries and try new things. How else will you know what works and what doesn’t? The cost of learning is so much less than the cost of not learning. Advice for MarketersSeth has given 4000 pieces of advice to marketers on his blog. Seth says “The Internet rewards relentless generosity.” and the more you worry about pay day, the less you are going to make. Where do Seth’s ideas come from? SethGodin.com How companies can transform the way they do business by blogs daily on and cranks out amazing content joins us for episode #15 of ), and an inspiring speaker. How can companies and individuals in those companies start poking the box and transform the way things? How companies can provide an environment that encourages innovation & doesn’t shun failure. Tribes This book is about Topics: Race to the TopIt’s good to have short term goals but you must have an overarching vision of the future. Seth sees too many companies getting caught up in trying to optimize one tiny piece for a 2% gain and they often loose sight of more important initiatives that should and could be taking place. “Racing to the top is not about incrementally lowering your price or chiseling away. Racing to the top is about creating moments and movements and changes and innovations that people choose to talk about, that people want to engage with you about.” The dark secret of Marketing it’s a lot easier to do when you have a product worth talking about. Be Eagerly Prepared to Fail!Failing enough times leads to long term success. “If you fail often enough, you will succeed” You have to fail successfully enough to keep going, be smart about failure. And remember,  Try is the opposite of hiding. . . This is your message and mantra. Innovating EverydaySeth says you should be innovating in your company on a daily basis. Take a look at how internal processes are working. What could be streamlined? What could be made better? How would you ever know this if you aren’t poking the box to see what works? Seth stresses to look at your posture.  Are you interested in figuring out how things work or just there to make it to the next payday keeping your head down? “This posture of curiosity is a choice and I’m always amazing when people aren’t interested at least at some level how things work” Why wouldn’t you be interested in how things work?”The point is this is a moment. This moment will not be here in ten years. This moment was not here ten years ago. So the question is if you’re lucky enough to work for an organization that’s doing cool stuff, why aren’t you poking and finding out what’s working and what’s not?” Seth’s Lesson for Marketers”A lot of people don’t have respect for marketers. The reason is because the old kind of marketer was a little bit of a scum bag who was trying to say one thing about a product that did something else.” However there is hope! “The new breed of marketers is an impresario, a creator, an artist, a storyteller, someone who wants to make connections about things that matter. Not everyone gets to be the new breed of marketer. You have to choose to be this person and you can. So quit whining and go.” Connect with Seth Online . You can also connect with him on his personal site Great companies and brands reject the idea of average products for average people. They make amazing products for a select market. New marketing is about making great stuff. Originally published Apr 7, 2011 9:00:00 AM, updated July 03 2013 Poking the Box and Transforming your Marketing with Seth Godin Brian Halligan, our fearless CEO, posed this question to Seth to try and get into his mind to see how it ticks. Seth says he tries to say things that scare him and tries to always keep a watchful eye to notice things that are interesting and then add his own unique spin. Create a Failure Friendly Environment”Anytime your boss says to you, “We need to do something new and failure is not an option,” what she’s also said to you is success is not an option, because if you’re not prepared to fail along the way, eagerly fail along the way, then you’re not going to succeed.” Seth suggests creating an environment where your employees are more afraid about not failing than Making a list of how you failed and survived is going to teach you a great deal and inspire you to keep failing (smartly) Yoda Was WrongSeth claims that the jedi master Yoda had it wrong! “I think Yoda was wrong, and I quoted him in the book, where he said, “There is no try.” I think there’s lots of try. It’s okay to do your best and have it not work. In fact, every company that we say we admire, every brand that we say we aspire to has a long history of doing that.” Who inspires Seth Godin?“You know David, I would say you” (Thanks Seth!) Seth says that everyone that reads his blog and supports his efforts he . Knowing someone is going to read his blog and take away from his ideas and take action are enough to keep him going. The Enemy for Any Creator is Not Piracy it’s Obscurity. ! Seth is a marketing mastermind, author of 13 books great books (including Seth Godin poking the box , In the show we chat about: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

How to Write the Best Blog Post EVER

first_img Originally published Jul 1, 2011 8:35:00 AM, updated July 28 2017 Some of the most common blogging advice is to write great posts. The problem is that few experts (if any) actually go into detail about how to actually write compelling and interesting blog posts . That ends today. Today, we are going to review the elements of great blog posts so you can use these traits to write the best blog post ever. Part of writing amazing content is being willing to ignore previous assumptions of blogging best practices . Here are common blogging assumptions to ignore on your quest for the perfect blog post. 1. Length Matters – The number of words in your blog post doesn’t matter and is not a predictive indicator of the success of a piece of content. The truth is that people have been successful with all variations of blog post lengths. Brian Solis tends to write long, in-depth blog posts while Seth Godin usually sticks to very short posts. Both have been very successful, which helps demonstrate that length simply doesn’t matter.  2. Comments Matter – Maximizing the number of comments for a blog post should not be your goal. The goal of your business blog is to drive visits, leads, and customers. As Dan Zarrella recently pointed out , comments do not contribute to these important metrics on which a blog should be measured. Comments don’t matter. 3. Perfection Matters – Yes, grammar is important in a blog post. Yes, the idea must be conveyed clearly. However, perfection is the enemy of great business blogging. Being timely tops being perfect. Publishing content on time even if it is only very good and not perfect is critical to great blogging . Blogging is an iterative process. The more you blog, the better you understand your content and your audience. Perfection stops blogging progress and ultimately doesn’t matter. Now that we have outlined what doesn’t matter, let’s instead focus on the key characteristics that, when combined, make the best business blog post ever written. 7 Traits of Great Blog Posts 1. Actionable – Whether they found the blog post through a search engine , an email, or a social network share, the core reason people click through to an article is to solve a problem. What makes people share a post with others is the actionable insight it provides to solve a problem. Provide clear takeaways and actionable steps in blog posts to ensure your idea resonates with readers. 2. Combined Relevance – Metaphors are a timeless storytelling element. Don’t leave metaphors to novelists. They should be an active part of blog posts. Comparing two seemingly different things and drawing connections between them is a valuable way to combine relevance and generate more intense interest in a subject. 3. Urgent – Journalists write articles based on who, what, when, why, and how. As a blogger, answering the “why” isn’t enough. Instead, it is critical to answer “why now?” The web is flooded with content. Content that is urgent and timely wins in the race for attention. 4. Visual – Making a blog post visual doesn’t mean filling it with images and videos (not that video and images aren’t important in blog posts). However, they aren’t the only ways to make a blog post visual . Use section headers, numbers, bullets, and other text elements to make it easy for readers to understand your idea quickly. 5. Solution-Based – As we said earlier in this post, on the web, people are looking for solutions. Products aren’t solutions. They are part of a solution. Don’t cram a blog post full of product content. Instead, provide educational content that runs parallel to your product offering. 6. Entertaining – Informative doesn’t mean boring. Just because you sell sheet metal, doesn’t mean your business blog can’t also be entertaining. Have your shop crew make some fun and timely creations out of sheet metal and post an image or video of each new creation. Have someone outside your company review your blog post to check for entertainment. 7. Definitive – Great blog posts aren’t meek or subtle. They are clear, direct, and definitive. Take a stand, make strong word choices, and don’t waver on your advice. Be the expert on your topic. How do you write great blog posts? Photo Credit: cliff1066™ How to Write a Blog Post Topics: Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Google Launches ‘Google Related’ to Offer Contextual Search Results

first_img Google announced tab or window. If users find something they like, they also have the opportunity to +1 it using the built-in buttons. Ultimately, Google Related makes it very easy for searchers to find related content and make even more informed decisions and opinions based on various sources in their searches. A More Contextual Web The new feature shows users additional content relative to the content on the page they’re already viewing, as they’re viewing it. To getter a better grasp at how it works, check out Google’s video below. Originally published Aug 16, 2011 3:02:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 the availability of Topics: search engine optimization efforts As a marketer, you should be regularly conducting keyword research. This will enable you to identify and define the most appropriate keywords on which you should be focusing your Here’s more proof that the developers at Google don’t sleep (honestly, what’s the point of those , a new Google Toolbar feature for Internet Explorer as well as an extension for its Chrome web browser. How Google Related Works is a step in the right direction, especially if it can offer rich results and make the tool available for more web browsers and to more users. So say you’re reading an article about the launch of a new product or service you’re researching. With Google Related, you’ll also have the option of viewing other content relative to that topic — like videos, product reviews, or other mentions of the product across the web. The concept of contextual search, or providing related info and results based on a variety of sources, is nothing new. However, no tool created to capitalize on the concept has been successful yet. new Google Related Google’s tool Marketing Takeaway sleep pods . Once identified, spend time optimizing your website’s content and keep your keywords in mind as you’re creating new content. ?). Today, What do you think of Google Related? Will you use it in your own searches? Using the Chrome extension, this related content is served up by Google in a thin bar at the bottom of your screen. Hovering your mouse over the bar will cause it to expand, enabling you to view the content directly in your browser window without having to open a As with most other advancements in search, the launch of Google Related emphasizes the importance of effectively optimizing businesses’ websites and content for marketing. Although it might be related to a topic someone is reading about online, poorly optimized content risks being left out in contextual search results. Google Updates Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

20 Marketing Tricks to Get Your Kids to Simmer Down

first_imgAre you all pumped up for the 4th of July holiday? The sun’s shining (here, at least), your work week is punctuated by a much needed respite, and … oh yeah, the kids are loose. We’ve talked about how 1) Create an offer. We throw live events like 18) Monitor social activity. marketing tactics 7) Give them a game. You’ve probably leaned on PPC for a quick lead-gen boost, or invested in top-notch marketing talent to solve a huge marketing problem. Why not hire a babysitter or an experienced nanny to give you a break? . Originally published Jul 3, 2012 4:30:00 PM, updated March 21 2013 15) Engage in the conversation. Don’t they ever just calm down Inbound Marketing visual social networks 2) Newsjack. that work on leads (and us). And one of the timeless classics is using cute animals to make your audience oooh and aaah. If you’re stuck with a kid that’s bugging you (or heck, an adult), just throw the puppy their way. It’ll probably work. 4) Engage with promoters of your brand. We’ve written all about investing in visual content HubSpot TV 20) Just give them what they want. Obviously, this post is a bit of fun before the mid-week holiday, so share your silly suggestions (don’t forget the marketing tie-in!) in the comments below. Or better yet, let us know if any of these actually worked! . Use all that historical intel you have on your kids to give them the content that you know calms them down, entertains them, and distracts them so you can enjoy your day off. You know your kids better than anyone (probably better than they know themselves) 😉 You’ve got this, guys. You’re a marketer. Believe it or not, that experience is transferable to parenting, too. Here’s how you can use the When you create 9) Throw money at the problem. 11) Invest in multimedia content. You know, use short chunks of text, bold headings, bulleted lists, remove navigation on your landing pages — all the things that distract visitors instead of draw them in. Well, make your 4th of July kid-friendly, too, and give them content that’s appropriate for their age and aligns with their interests so they don’t get bored and click — ahem, wander — away looking for trouble. Kids love pretty pictures. So do adults. That’s why we keep talking about 13) Leverage scarcity. shameless marketing tactics 19) Reward good behavior. 8) Share other people’s content. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack You spend your whole day trying to figure out what your customers want based on lead intelligence and There’s nothing like scarcity to drive a hard bargain. Need your kids to do something? Find something they want, and tell them it’s almost gone. They’ll hop to it in a jiffy. Now that’s how you ? Take something that’s going on — seemingly unrelated to children’s activities — and find a spin on it that would interest them! Talking about your 401(k) at your friend’s barbecue? Tell your kids to go around the lawn and look for loose change. Hey, that’s good financial planning. ” have received well over 10,000 views, in fact. Don’t berate, of course, but don’t be afraid of a little discipline, either! and 3) Distract them with a puppy. Note: sharing his toys like you told him to — you’ll be able to respond quickly before anything gets out of hand and really ruins the day. But just because your content — or activities — are all set up, doesn’t mean you should turn a blind eye! Keep an eye on what’s going on to ensure there are no disasters. And when there are disasters — Timmy is berating your audience actually helps drive traffic 10) Use visual content. , you don’t just give them away for free. No, you need something in exchange — lead intelligence! Or what your prospects know as filling out a form. Use that tactic with your kids, too; you give them something they want, and in exchange, they’ll give you some peace and quiet. By now you might be starting to rediscover the stress of having those little rugrats around when all you want is some peace and quiet. When does school start up again? Should you have shelled out for summer camp? Can’t you just enjoy one day off of work already? 14) Establish authority as a thought leader. — our blog posts with headlines like, ” Plop them in front of the TV. Or YouTube. Who doesn’t love a good YouTube video or hilarious podcast? We don’t record Gamification’s all the rage with marketers and consumers alike, because it gives people a purpose that’s directly related to the action marketers are trying to drive. For example, when we want to trend on Twitter for a live webinar, we create a hashtag, and incentivize attendee use of that hashtag by giving away a prize, like tickets to Run out of ideas to keep the kids entertained? If you’re boring them, do what you do with your social media following — share someone else’s content! A little variety is good for everyone. You give referral bonuses and implement loyalty programs with your customers. Incentivize good behavior with your kids, too! The other children will take notice and start to mimic that positive behavior, and make your day much easier. you use every day to get yourself some much needed relaxation this 4th of July. 12) Yell at them. 6) Make your content reader-friendly. Your kids might not think of you as a “thought leader” per se, but they certainly know who’s boss. Just like your stellar content creation establishes you as an industry thought leader — why else would leads download your offers? — your reputation most likely precedes you with your children. So remind them who’s boss when you need them to behave more responsibly! Part of effective word-of-mouth marketing is identifying and engaging with your promoters. Who are the good influences on your kids? Find them, and segment out the bad influencers so your children model good behavior on July 4th, rather than get into trouble. lead gen offers INBOUND 2012 This post’s photo and many of the tips are courtesy of HubSpot Inbound Marketing Specialist and father of 4, “though it feels like 8,” Dan Sally. 5) Throw an awesome event. Just like you schedule your social media content in advance, your day will go much more smoothly if you schedule all of your kid-friendly activities in advance so you don’t find yourself hurting for supplies, ideas, or entertainment. marketing analytics INBOUND 2012 20 Marketing Tactics to Get Your Kids to Simmer Down Now 17) Schedule content in advance. , like Pinterest and Instagram! Use coloring books, picture books, sidewalk chalk, or anything else visual to keep them entertained. You engage with your social media fans so they know you’re listening, and that you care what they have to say. Similarly, sometimes kids just need a little dose of attention to keep them satiated. 10 Sloppy Social Media Mistakes to Fix NOW . Apply that principle to your kids, and give them a little distraction from the adults with a game to keep them entertained. First prize? Ice cream! to meet new leads, forge new relationships with the community, and strengthen customer relationships. Take a cue from the networking superpower of in-person events, and stage a kid-friendly event for other kids to attend to so they can keep each other company. every Friday for nothing. not 16) Forge a partnership with a related business. Topics: create an effective call-to-action Just like you lean on your partners for help with content creation, co-marketing, and lead generation, you need an ally to help shoulder some of the burden of taking care of kids. See if grandma wants some time with her grandchildren, or if there’s an expectant mom that would like some quality time with a few kids.last_img read more