Month: November 2017

Shanghai dragon joking micro blog marketing in Shanghai dragon ranking


for the number of fans, recently every day in their fans activity, obviously most of the tens of thousands, are zombie fans, because of the thousands of fans every day, but just want to publish a micro-blog, interactive, reprint will be over a hundred, if their fans are over 10000, blogger just launched a topic about Shanghai dragon, also not disaster, and such as teacher Cardiff micro-blog, completely not ranked on the home page, and his micro-blog is not what changes, you can see that he was not concerned about micro-blog. read more

The most common site optimization process affect the ranking of adverse factors

third, website promotion outside the station every day to do a lot of useless. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er every day and other owners are also trying to stand outside promotion, and others to see other people being mixed forum chat, chat, every day in the "on

first, often analyze web log attention website downtime factors. We know the website optimization process, downtime is frequent, many website ranking inexplicable jump to 100 pages, many stood puzzled all at sea will lead to downtime events, make things big head is in the morning and site on the surface or a normal, recently in the optimization process without any page cheating irregularities, or inexplicably dropped a lot site ranking, this time you have a web log analysis of consciousness, often because of possible last night or a period of downtime, even early on can visit the web site but will result in the morning before the. So the website without right down this unexpected site downtime is worthy of attention in Shanghai dragon er. read more