Month: August 2017

The station optimization some of the views of the website user experience out rate

note: the user experience only on the bounce rate, as UI and UE etc. This article does not do this.

, a website jump out rate is

going on?


of the user experience

three, search engines understand the "bounce rate"

recently in the discussion and circle several webmaster friends search engine ranking algorithm, some problems related to the web page to the user experience, but also their own rhetoric, which relates to a website jump out rate, today "lost little reptile" is also put on this experience to summarize, share to the webmaster friends. read more

Why your website has yet to get the weight and ranking

we know, website optimization, keyword ranking is Shanghai dragon Er struggled to the pursuit of the goal, the conversion rate is our final result, but did not rank no traffic, if not the ranking of search engine optimization, then we have Er Shanghai Longfeng significance is very small, in this case the practice? Is the result of arch-criminal website or website weight fell step by step does not have any weight? The author and share the following points:

third, the website chain form is single and low quality. Now we have been discussing the content topic, the author does not deny the importance of the content, but for the site, outside the chain of moderation is very necessary, the author found that many enterprises station they will not to update the article, why a few years old. read more

How can we change the face of search engines on the site for subtle changes a

minor modifications

for the title

for the site of the title of the fine modification, we all know the title of the website is a sign of a website to show users and search engines, and can also be taught as the center of the title theme website, with the Shanghai love algorithm since the recent continuous adjustment, the emergence of a part of the website title and website content is not consistent the case, which has been a part of the site is down right, so it is imperative to modify the title. Let me make a slight modification of examples: read more

From scratch on webmaster how to do long tail keywords optimization

can be seen from the query tool can be found in the women’s, keywords expansion out of the top eight of the long tail keywords the competition degrees are very intense, and competitive nature also increased the difficulty of optimization. If you just need to improve the competition with the key words of with difference >

first select the popular long tail keywords for the website. Why choose the most popular type of long tail keywords to do long tail keywords site? There are two reasons for this, if you choose a too popular long tail keywords optimization, although it is easy to get good rankings, but the traffic is not stable, after all, some long tail keywords may be some users temporarily Impromptu search. Two better understand their optimal strength. After all, not its challenging the choice competition is to improve their optimal strength without much help, as the saying goes, there is competition to improve. So, we choose the long tail keywords, it is best to choose the natural search volume ranked the top ten, so in the optimization process ensure his words went up to get the optimal flow, but also to improve their strength for the optimization of the foundation. For example, such as my site type is a joke type, the natural flow of the long tail keywords ranking so I choose keywords from nature is the words "joke" extended out before ten as the focus of the site optimization of long tail keywords. This is to prevent his choice of the long tail keywords after optimization of flow up or pathetic. At the same time, the long tail keywords flow is relatively high which also showed the correlation with the site is very high, this is a very critical point. read more

Lu Songsong speed may not affect search rankings

now, the website open speed affect user experience is one of the most important factors, and the quality of the user experience affect search rankings, but from Matt Cutts’s words can be seen in the speed of the site will be more and more small, this is a trend.

Matt Cutts said:

website loading speed is affected by many factors in the region, bandwidth and speed and other factors will affect the site loading speed. Therefore, if only to "site speed" to judge the user experience of the website seems to be arbitrary, the Google Matt Cutts said, in order to solve this problem will improve. Perhaps in the future, the influence will gradually reduce the speed of the site. read more

How to quickly get the keyword ranking

2, the breakdown of

1, keywords ranking planning

Keywords We

example: query a web site to do hardware accessories industry, from the title, do sign, but the website classification signs, nameplate, hardware accessories, there are two key words ranking, and >

different industries different keywords his ranking cycle is not the same, quickly get keywords ranking, maybe some words are verified to get ranked, love love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know that these rankings are very difficult to put him over the past. He may not like what price fast, natural ranking is a ranking cycle, a ranking period is three months, there is a cycle of several small in proportion to each month, spiders will be included with your new content, large sites, if every day included is a waste of resources, generally three to four a month has a deep grasp, if revised, have a good ranking did not fall, if after the revision, more than 20 days later, keywords decline rapidly, some key words fell outside the 100. The natural ranking, fast is slow, slow is fast, the way we have optimized the system. Can not do some of the content and the chain to optimize the site. read more

A5 optimization team Web site operators have to say hits

hits is the page by clicking on the number ratio of the number of pages in the search engine show, when a website its pages included is good, and when the ranking is also good, if the traffic is not too ideal if it’s hit rate is a problem, it is relatively easy to many people ignore, we can think about your traffic is how come, first of all, need to be included in the search engine, it exists in the database, then you also need to page ranking in the corresponding key words above, of course, the third step is to click, which is in turn occurs, a link no less, even if the front included, rankings are doing well, if your site no one click, it will not flow. Now the A5 station network of Shanghai dragon team, after years of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis (www. Shanghai dragon zhenduan贵族宝贝) empirical analysis as follows: read more

Easy to make sharing webmaster Shanghai Longfeng optimization process in detail wrong

novice webmaster has just started to do the Shanghai dragon will follow the prescribed order in accordance with the formal rules of Shanghai dragon, all the black hat Shanghai dragon shield in the door, black hat Shanghai Longfeng profit the main feature is the fast track to the short-term interests of the cheating methods. But for some special industry site, by a short time traffic profit site, proper use of black hat Shanghai dragon is useful.

search engine is more and more high requirements on the original content, original content has been optimized for the problem of Shanghai dragon, " read more

Don’t you consider it too obsessed with Shanghai Phoenix myth

Shanghai has slowly > 1. love

to write this article, not to say that Zhu Weikun is more niubable man, again, this is a love of Shanghai dragon enthusiasts, is the era of grassroots webmaster, also can be regarded as an Internet grass root, so not what cattle, is fond of writing about Internet articles of interest Shanghai dragon industry dynamic rendition of


2. love Shanghai attaches importance to the large formal forum, given a high weight "new information" ranking, let love home "Shanghai news" has another companion! Shanghai Longfeng people to see, basically in the laggards or A5 forum published article, can see the map below: read more

Analysis 360 and love Shanghai some comparative bidding


two major domestic search engine pay contrast promotion, can also get a lot of data from, for your reference:

relative to the Shanghai love function is more comprehensive, it is also the beginning of 360, the function is not so comprehensive.

… At the end of 2013, according to

360 each the lowest price is 3 cents to show love, and Shanghai is a key to business value pricing, not to generalize, but it seems no less than 3 words is 5 cents. That said 360 of the initial promotion price is not low but >? read more