Hear how much quieter the 2nd generation PS4 really is

first_imgWe are fast approaching the holiday season where many a gamer will be considering a new games console purchase, and many kids will be asking for them for Christmas. For the PS4 this poses a bit of a problem because we are in a state of transition.In Japan, Sony is shipping the latest model, the CUH-1200, which comes with a number of changes. The two biggest being the fact it uses a fifth less power and is quieter. In the US and Europe, we have small amounts of stock of the new model appearing for sale, but many of the bundles still use the older model, as does the 1TB version of the PS4.So, is it worth ensuring you get the new, CUH-1200 model? If a lack of noise is important while you game then the answer is definitely “yes.”Eurogamer has done an extensive review of the new PS4 and compared it to the old. Their conclusion is that there’s not enough changes to warrant replacing an existing PS4, but if you’re on the market to buy one then certainly ensure you get a CUH-1200.In terms of noise level differences, though, I haven’t found a better comparison than the video below.The old model used in the video (CUH-1004a) is loudest during gameplay, and it’s noisy (75 decibels). You’d hear it from inside a TV cabinet, and up close it sounds like a jet taking off. Even so, it’s not an annoying noise, just fan noise. However, the CUH-1200 model is in a different league, never going above 62 decibels. The one compromise you make for that noise reduction seems to be a slightly higher running temperature, but not high enough to cause concern.So, if you are considering a PS4 purchase, then it’s worth searching out a CUH-1200 model. If you’re asking someone else to buy it, then that complicates things a little. But if it’s a Christmas present just ask them to wait until early December when the new model should (hopefully) be widely available.last_img

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