AntiTrump Ad Paints Him as a Horrible Overwatch Player

first_img The Best ‘Evangelion’ OP Parodies of All TimeDear Microsoft, Don’t Help ICE Stay on target Politics and video games don’t often cross paths but given how this year’s presidential race has wormed its way into nearly everything we see around us, it was only a matter of time before this happened. Thankfully, this time we’re treated to something that is decidedly lighter in tone compared to the traditional political ads we’re used to seeing.A Super PAC created by Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin called The Nuisance Committee has created a website called Trump is not a Team Player. The site depicts Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trumps as various Overwatch characters who each have a trait that corresponds to Trump’s political leanings. Hanzo Trump blames others but not himself, Reaper Trump believes the media are biased against him, and Junkrat Trump thinks the political system is rigged.The most impressive thing to come out of this is a giant billboard ad that accuses Trump of not only being a bad Overwatch player but of picking Hanzo as his main character.The funny thing about all this is that depicting Donald Trump as a bad Overwatch player may not be entirely inaccurate. Let’s be honest here, it is highly doubtful that Trump has even heard of Overwatch, let alone played it. In that sense, he actually would be a terrible player since he wouldn’t know what he was doing in the game. Though I’m sure if he was an Overwatch player, he most likely would behave the way the drawings have depicted him.Even if you couldn’t care less about politics, you have to admit that this particular anti-Trump endeavor is rather clever and amusing. This has been one of the ugliest and nastiest presidential races in decades so anything that ads a bit of levity to it all is greatly appreciated.last_img

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