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m. and market updates will run at 9:30 10:30 and 11:30 am Closing markets will run at 1:30 pmAgweek and WDAY 970 AM teams are excited to partner with the RRFN to expand our agricultural footprint for listeners and clients"At the Red River Farm Network we are proud to partner with Agweek and WDAY 970" said Wick "Agriculture is a vital part of our economy and together we will be reporting agriculture’s business""I really prefer the deer tick" said Clarke in his office on the third floor of the University of Minnesota Medical School’s Duluth campus "I’m after Lyme disease It’s very particular about what tick it’s in"Clarke’s tick bank is in the locked "minus 80 C room" several corridors away from his office It’s behind two doors inside a large upright freezer that is indeed set at 80 degrees below Celsius the equivalent of minus 112 FahrenheitOne day last week research assistant Shannon RedBrook pulled a small plain box out of the freezer and set it on a counter Lined up inside were tiny vials each containing in either the nymph or adult stage a deer tick aka blacklegged tick aka Ixodes scapularisIt’s the early stages of a collection that Clarke hopes will shed light on where blacklegged ticks are thriving in Northeastern Minnesota and how likely they are to carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease"We want to develop a Lyme disease risk map that you can go online to see" he saidGet a ‘tick key’This is where you come in If you hike or work outdoors or otherwise spend time in the woods Clarke would be happy to equip you with a sandwich-sized plastic bag containing a bulb-shaped "tick key" a "tick ID card" and a golf tee-sized plastic vialYou use the key to safely extract the tick from your skin You use the ID card to determine if it’s a blacklegged tick If it is you place it in the vial and bring it or mail it to "Tick Outreach" at the medical schoolClarke also is happy to bring his kits along and speak to your group about the project You can find his contact information elsewhere within this articleClarke an associate professor in the school’s Department of Biomedical Sciences is passionate about the tick and the diseases it causes particularly Lyme disease which causes flu-like symptoms and can lead to long-term complicationsEveryone agrees it’s a growing problem The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last week that the number of tick-borne diseases in the US more than doubled from 2004-16 and that Lyme disease comprises more than four out of every five cases The epicenter of the disease CDC data show is in the New England states and in Wisconsin and Minnesota Moreover it has been moving north"Back in the mid-’80s we first saw these ticks in east central Minnesota between the Twin Cities and Duluth right along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border" said David Neitzel an epidemiologist with the Minnesota Department of Health "And since that time it really radiated out from that original focus to become established throughout most of the forested part of the state including . more and more blacklegged tick populations up in the Arrowhead region all the way up to Grand Marais"And it’s already tick season"With the snow melting the ticks are coming out right away" Neitzel said "The adult stage of the blacklegged tick is out; the nymphs will be coming soon after"Nymphs are especially dangerous Clarke said because they are so small — about the size of the letter "D" on a dime — and so numerous And if they carry the bacteria that causes Lyme disease the human host will get just as sick as if the culprit were an adult tickTick-gathering studentsWe know the blacklegged ticks are here but how well-established are they That’s what Clarke is trying to find out He’s doing it by sending teams of students he coordinates with the University of Minnesota Duluth in what’s called the Pathways Program The hands-on program offers an introduction to biomedical sciences to American Indian and other underserved populations through two 10-week-long summer academiesWhen he first started sending students out on tick-collecting expeditions a few summers ago he saw it primarily as a learning tool for the students Clarke said It gradually morphed into a legitimate research endeavor"It’s really strange that 17- 18-year-olds sent a 60-year-old man down the road on a new project" Clarke said "When I talk to people on the streets talk to my dean and the administrators this is one thing that uniformly catches everybody’s attention Everybody knows somebody who has come down with Lyme disease"This summer Clarke will send his students to four collection sites across the Arrowhead (The state Health Department also has sites in four forested regions of the state Neitzel said and plans to add one in St Louis County not far from Duluth)Clarke hopes to supplement what his students bring in with what comes in to his bank from volunteers The volunteer need only indicate when and where the tick appeared Clarke also would appreciate knowing the approximate temperature and humidity"With this we’ll be able to generate a map of this area and say: Where are the hot zones" Clarke explained "Is it close to the lake or is it up around in the more swampy areas"He’s hopeful the map will be online as early as August or September under the name Ixodes Project’They’re dangerous’In his research Clarke also hopes to develop a more reliable means of diagnosing Lyme disease The one sure-fire method now is to spot the tell-tale "bull’s-eye" rash on the skin But it’s estimated the bull’s eye is seen in only about half of the cases he saidHis research will continue until there’s a cure for Lyme disease Clarke said wryly But he’d also like to expand to other diseases carried by the same tickThe second-most common of those is anaplasmosis Neitzel said It has a Duluth connection: It first was identified by Dr Johan Bakken an Essentia Health physician in 1994"The bottom line is that this tick carries multiple diseases so they’re dangerous" Clarke said "There’s no question"That’s why when Clarke speaks to groups he also urges them to take fast action if they discover they’ve been bitten by a blacklegged tick If you wait to see if you have a bull’s eye rash you’ve waited too long he said"If you’ve got a tick that embedded in you the safest thing is to get yourself in and see a physician and discuss the possibility of getting an antibiotic" Clarke saidMeanwhile he’s focused on learning everything he can about the blacklegged tick and the diseases it causes"It’s kind of taken over my life to tell you the truth" he saidHow to participateIf you’re interested in obtaining a tick kit or inviting Benjamin Clarke to speak to your group you can contact him at [email protected] or by calling (218) 726-6587 WDAY 970 AM will air Country Morning Today at 7 a. preventing traffic from entering the block while asking residents to avoid the area. When officers arrived, hope, When contacted, and Blowers was taken to Jamestown Regional Medical Center and is in custody.Zaderaka was taken to Trinity Medical Center for serious but non-life threatening injuries.

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