Shanghai dragon joking micro blog marketing in Shanghai dragon ranking


for the number of fans, recently every day in their fans activity, obviously most of the tens of thousands, are zombie fans, because of the thousands of fans every day, but just want to publish a micro-blog, interactive, reprint will be over a hundred, if their fans are over 10000, blogger just launched a topic about Shanghai dragon, also not disaster, and such as teacher Cardiff micro-blog, completely not ranked on the home page, and his micro-blog is not what changes, you can see that he was not concerned about micro-blog.

seen from the picture, this is the first from the understanding of the people, the second is to see the number of fans, watching the activity and so on, but this article mainly discuss the basic things:

3. user authentication information

account, will have more advantages, but this time, if it is Shanghai dragon industry newcomers, suggested the word registered account when used in Shanghai dragon, this is not to say.

this time, I want to say is that micro-blog is not only marketing is more of a user feedback, so only the teacher if you want to do more perfect, personal feel or want to.

Hello, Zhu Weikun brought a micro-blog marketing knowledge, just in time to play micro-blog interactive suddenly see an interesting phenomenon, with several studies on Shanghai Longfeng knowledge practice to some views of micro-blog in marketing recently, if you are interested to use micro-blog to make money or do brand you can always pay attention to the micro-blog marketing Shanghai Dragon series of articles, each article are related, if you don’t want to miss it on time, see the update, well, don’t talk about, into the theme, such as:

Shanghai dragon

1. registered accountShanghai dragon and Phoenix

two, Shanghai dragon ranking people

this is the focus of study, for a long time, the significance is relatively large, and the ranking will have more advantages, why? Because we are Chinese, if to do marketing, certainly not what the profound Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, or what SEM, but using products such as keywords, stovepipe socks. Slimming tea and so on, this time on the ranking advantage.

this is more important, the Tencent certification information, the author is very short, but the time for the official certification certification to help very sloppy, forget to add apply some keywords, but it do some enterprise certification in the late, great help.

Shanghai dragon

, a known Shanghai dragon friend

The number of fans of

2. name

then we exclude people who know, there is mutual powder of the people in terms of other natural rankings, found the following knowledge:


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