Website optimization 6 easy to ignore the details

for the website optimization, the basic operation of many webmaster general direction on the site and the Shanghai dragon is the no big problem. But whether you webmaster countrymen will be ignored in the optimization of the detail of the hold on. The following is the 6 point summary of the neglected details.

, a domain name selection keyword similar

two, web programming language

I have seen a website, he in the root directory into a zblog, often update, now the site of the rankings are good, and the zblog in the beginning of the period to the expected effect, and the successful drive included web page update.

is now generally a new station on the line, will first choose good keywords to do, to register a domain name in the same meaning and key words, the most common means of pinyin. You can also register a domain name contains the keyword pinyin. Try to search the "Shanghai dragon in Shanghai". On the first page, the word will be with the Shanghai dragon basic domain.

, three space


I believe the details determine success or failure, in Shanghai dragon in detail although very humble, but details can play a role not to be ignored at some point or to some extent.

is now selling space too much, according to my understanding, many webmaster in space will buy cheaper. Like the space junk space than civilink better, included fast, stable. Love Shanghai trust in the nets is relatively high, the novice is not what feeling, but the veteran must know what happened. A server stored in many websites, are able to find out. Once this is server at the same time more than 3-5 station is K, then you will receive the station involved, love Shanghai have even effect, pretty hard. The capital, he hired a >

this is also very important, when it comes to this website program, many owners would think of zblog. This program is really good, but now too much, there is an important point is that it is a blog program, don’t forget. If in their own separate directory to add a blog is a good way to.

DZ forum is a good system, modify the settings, you can make major. The biggest drawback of blog Shanghai dragon is the lack of interactivity, only blog post, looking back. If you want to make a long station, you can select a CMS CMS system, the best advantage is the internal optimization is very good, the directory structure is very suitable for the spider crawling, as long as the tag function, custom directory, page definition description keywords are good, dedecms is sometimes trouble spots.

now love Shanghai is clever, the domain name contains keywords to good correlation function for the website, will be the site of points, this is no doubt.

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