The ratio of mobile search mobile terminal to increase Shanghai Longfeng optimization to develop

mobile, China Unicom, telecom 4G network, the mobile phone Internet speed has second ultra broadband speed; with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus the arrival of the era of the big screen mobile phone, HD era has arrived early, the mobile phone is an integral part of human life. The future of mobile phone users and user beyond the PC will become a reality. This time you have questioned the mobile terminal Shanghai dragon optimization, necessity of website optimization of mobile terminal


How to

we have through the air pressure.

With the popularity of

and the Shanghai dragon partners in the discussion of mobile website optimization Shanghai Longfeng recently, how do we put the mobile phone website optimization, website keywords ranking in the mobile phone is in the front row, today Weiwei Shanghai dragon is to share my people how to see "Shanghai dragon optimization" mobile terminal.

the data is from Chinese Internet network information in Statistics (CNNIC) report " 2014 thirty-third Chinese Internet Development released in January this year, "; as of December 2013, China’s mobile phone users reached 500 million, an increase of 80 million 90 thousand compared to the end of 2012, Internet users use the mobile phone Internet population accounted for by the end of 2012 74.5% to 81%, mobile phone users continue to maintain steady growth. We are now the subway, bus, public places, everywhere can see the bottom of this phenomenon:

Analysis of


, a Shanghai love index

what kind of website for the mobile terminal of Shanghai dragon


read the above data, do you feel that your website now to do website optimization of the mobile terminal, advance to seize the market share of the mobile terminal? If you are rich, I don’t mind if you enter this industry now. As our industry giants, love Shanghai, Sina, and so on a large site, they have to enter the mobile terminal. But if you are just a small and medium enterprises, then a head rushed in, obviously it is not rational. Wei Wei has been that Shanghai dragon optimization is a profound art based on data analysis. All the network optimization, the adjustment, we are the analysis of the user based on the analysis of market demand. We do not want to change casually today where there is change. Weiwei Shanghai dragon today through the two data to teach everyone to judge our current site need to carry out the optimization of Shanghai dragon mobile terminal.

why do optimization

? Shanghai dragon mobile terminal

may have a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will have such a doubt, I now PC side Shanghai Longfeng optimization are not yet ready to do this, the mobile terminal of the Shanghai dragon optimization necessary? We first take a look at this picture data:

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