Only PK Zac who is superior

PK, Cardiff victory. Although ZAC’s "Shanghai dragon every day a" daily visit number are

Look at the screenshot:

you should see flow difference as much as three times.


PK, in which a PK ZAC Zac win, Biff only strong in technology, but also the convenience of english. In fact, as long as the long-term concern of the two Shanghai dragon ER who can feel it, love Google or Shanghai as long as the slight change of Shanghai dragon algorithm, ZAC can predict in advance and to respond, but only relative to the ZAC, was slightly behind the beat.

if you are free, you can carefully study, whether it is from the flow of contrast, also.

Zac, formerly known as Zan Hui, in 1992 graduated from the Beihang University Department of electronic engineering, Beijing Film Academy graduate in 1995.


, a degree.

ZAC is the study of Shanghai dragon from the beginning of 06 years, his "Shanghai dragon day a stick" has become the most popular at the time and number of the most reproduced Shanghai dragon blog, over the same period and a few friends co founded the "stone interaction" has become the banner of Shanghai Dragon Industry blog and forum. At the same time, Zac also to Singapore, Chinese and Britain and the United States, Malaysia and other countries dozens of customers to provide network marketing consulting service. In the operation of your own website and provide consultancy services for customers in the process, Zac has accumulated a lot of experience in network marketing. Because the working language is English, Zac has unique advantages in the understanding of the experiment of the latest international network marketing trends and techniques.

three, brand and traffic.

The experience of

before Shuttle wrote an article "Shanghai dragon Er PK graphic designer", today (2012.5.30) was prompted by a sudden impulse suddenly wanted Shanghai dragon industry, the two master Cardiff and Zac PK, from the aspects of education, experience and prestige, Shanghai dragon to see who is better than you, province.

Cardiff: formerly known as Huang Fenghua, the Department of physics Shandong University undergraduate, graduate of Beijing Normal University Physics Department of complex networks.

only at the end of 07, the founder of Shanghai dragon why really became famous in 09 years, the first year of his Shanghai dragon why long-term occupy the Shanghai dragon, thoroughly realized from obscurity to a shocked the world.

in PK, two people to be on a par with are graduated from famous universities, graduate students, famous brand. This is a two person tied.

The term

two, Shanghai dragon experience.

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