Novice to make the chain al1 natural and orderly is the key


love Shanghai Search Guide Second Edition put forward the concept of natural fresh, then around the concept of Web site outside the chain is always wrong, so how can we guarantee the chain to do with nature? In fact, look at some products such as love fall in love with the sea Shanghai Encyclopedia of the chain can let yourself get some inspiration. And to love Shanghai encyclopedia as the research object is the most capable principle to cash outside the chain of natural and fresh.

, a fresh and natural key

Since the For example,

therefore now engage in the chain has not The more, the better. era, but many novice webmaster cling to the people have me have, people I had no idea, for the construction of the chain can be compared to the more The more, the better., but the results are surprising, finally self-confidence severely damaged. This is actually a lot of novice mistakes. It should be the construction of the chain the right to do? The author only from two aspects, hoping to help the novice webmaster.

not only love Shanghai encyclopedia cancelled extended link many entries, at the same time for some of the pictures in the chain off the link anchor text is often reserved and associated with this entry, compared with the previous who fell in love with the sea some key words in the entry on his entry, or whether this entry is not able to meet the needs of users, will set an anchor text, and now the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love has been greatly reduced, which also illustrates the chain of fresh and natural.

love Shanghai algorithm update, construction of foreign chain in the webmaster circle has been discussed, some owners do not think what effect, while others still work hard, diligently the external in any platform on the chain, some owners are One divides into two. view of the problem, because the new love Shanghai algorithm has a core is required the chain has natural attributes, but also have a certain correlation, can help to users. It is based on the concept of Shanghai, even the love of their own products like Shanghai Baike entry extended reading has become extremely strict audit, or even cancel this function.

two, control of internal links

as the webmaster friends should be combined with the specific content in the construction of the chain, the chain will recommend to the search engine through the content at the same time, the content of the chain are generally added further to these contents, instead of this article is about the entertainment news, the lack of a page outside chain the real estate information, this does not take the chain to eradicate the marginal. Here the author thinks that the soft chain is the best way at present, can not only realize the chain effect of fresh and natural, the key can also help web site to get good traffic, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

when the chain requirements of fresh and natural, reasonable inside chain can actually produce a similar effect of the chain, such as another article of this article extended reading link to the station, also reflects the nature and.

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