How to build a website on the one and only

how to set up a is not popular, but also to highlight the brand’s website title? The author thinks that we should do the following: first, don’t use keywords to write the heading. This is a common problem in Shanghai dragon Er website, they often think of a website to get keywords ranking will repeatedly appeared in the website, actually this is wrong. Keywords natural can appear in the title above, but don’t put the keyword as a title, this will only make your website become featureless. Second: the title to hit the nail on the head. The pace of life is fast, the user is with his needs to find the site, so their purpose is very strong, if not on your website title to describe the purpose, the user can easily overlook your website. Third: the title should be unique and outstanding brand. We can use the Robin of the Shanghai dragon VIP title as an example:

website design



in the past, web design is required.


  since the birth of the Internet, various websites like bamboo shoots after a spring rain rise, but with the development of the site type and content and improvement of similar website is more and more strong. As an ordinary user, every day to see the same template, like the content, even the titles are the same website, it is a very tired and helpless.

website will not only let users tired, but also makes the search engine tired, so as not to give your website a good rankings, so to create differentiated site is very important. The site differences reflected in what place? The author thinks that the three main manifestations: first, the title of the website; website design; second, third, the content of the website. These three aspects can decide whether your site is the one and only. Here’s how to talk about this problem from three aspects, the one and only build a website.

: the first site title

Robin of the new site title can be said to be one of the main factors, beat the other Shanghai dragon training website so writing site title is not a keyword appears many times, the most important is to highlight the personality and brand website.

The similarity of

site title is the name of a person, the name is often let people remember the first elements of your name, too popular, will make people very easy to forget you. For example, a person’s name is Zhang San, this name is very popular, so even if others know you called Zhang San, they are also very hard to remember which one of you is a three. So is the site title, similar website title will make your site more popular, but also let users easily forget you, so to make your site to site title from the one and only, first start to start.

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