n 2012 2013 Shanghai Dragon Medical change direction


search engine optimization, the first half of the year from the end of June in Shanghai for love in smooth water collection station, large-scale K station in September to refuse medical station wide right down, the rest of the "a fish escaped through the Seine" is scanty, we can see that love Shanghai for medical industry websites have become increasingly demanding, more management strictly.

home page

4. the use of home as far as possible the high conversion rate of brand reputation with word word do up.

3. column page chain number with the proportion of

The whole medical industry in 2012,

due to the recent medical station column, the article page is difficult to obtain rankings and flow, we later work will focus on the home page, the word word word hospital brand, but the column page do not decrease and relative.

The situation of

in love in Shanghai before the medical industry site, a high weight of the old domain medical station every day can easily get thousands of IP. These flows mainly from the home key column, the article page diseases of the word long tail word search. Put aside the station experience with marketing and other factors, at least to ensure that high flow and high amount of consultation appointment to visit.

5. watch love Shanghai update trends make corresponding adjustments.

due to the current flow from the medical station 80-90% love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon is around love Shanghai search engine, upgrade changing algorithm, now the most important thing for us is to dig more love Shanghai’s latest ranking mechanism and algorithm, to optimize the site from different aspects and angles, and not a lot of Shanghai Dragon stuffy hair chain. Xi’an network promotion is more and more difficult, with adjustments to the problem will be more and more.

1. stood outside the anchor text page is given priority to diversification.

2. find a strong correlation medical forum or classified information and three party resources

private hospital website ranking is relatively small, at the beginning of 13 private hospitals in some departments of the website ranking began to increase at the end of 12. We can just use a medical site to webmaster tools, for example, to see, at present weight more than 3, or more than 300 of the estimated traffic in the medical station almost impossible to find, currently ranked relatively well only with the home key hospital brand word column channel with the article page almost no ranking, even if there are also ranked by the relative no traffic prediction.

love early Shanghai adjusted home — who are no longer high weight the chain will have good rankings, such as search words or words can see disease hospital natural home page ranking, the relative stability of almost all news network, 39120ask, Xunyiwenyao, good doctor and their products (love Shanghai love Shanghai map love Shanghai, love Shanghai know, Encyclopedia).

three. Countermeasures to adjust

. Love Shanghai traffic

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