Examples to explain how to choose the long tail keywords Shanghai Dragon

in "the long tail" of Shanghai dragon in talk about some superficial views of the long tail theory. Still feel that unknown words entirely. He thinks that it is mainly on the long tail keywords don’t understand thoroughly, these days, every day in the study of "Shanghai dragon in the long tail" screenshot shown in the website data, otherwise experience, want to do some explanations with this topic in this article.

noted that long tail keywords are relevant only to the amount of search, because beginners easily think of a long tail keywords "long" is those words more words or phrases in combination, popular Shanghai dragon circles through the love of Shanghai related search methods for long tail keywords also further verified the long tail of the form is "long" because of love, Shanghai must search longer than your search term. But in fact, to understand the "long tail" distribution to get a visual impression from the long tail theory diagram, then it does not have a relationship with that of long tail words.

keyword search volume has the absolute number, which can be learned through the love of Shanghai index. But on your website, and otherwise it is relatively popular keywords. For example, your web site selling vegetable washing machine, and Andy Lau could not endure the side, one day you look back, suddenly found a source of "Andy Lau" is the original words, one day you wrote the entertainment comments on the Internet, from the title to the content of "Andy Lau", was inadvertently a curious friends in Shanghai love to search for the key words the 100th page click into place. Unfortunately, this very popular keywords on your website has become rare long tail keywords qiannianyiyu.

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the problem of asymmetric information



fundamentally, Shanghai dragon, by optimizing the website, find the person we need. The purpose of search engine, by crawling and indexing rules, to help users find web sites they need. But the user status of search engine is to search for many times, and constantly revise and expand search keywords to find web sites they need. The search engine returned to the user in the results page, most words are not fully matched, form is not matching the keywords with other words, and you think there is no much relationship. So many times, the user may use the search also can not find the feeling.

is based on the long tail theory of long tail keywords, those opposed to the popular keyword search volume a few keywords, popular keywords contains two aspects, one is the general name of the most common names, such as "Chinese", "weather", "love", the search volume is not high in the year. The two is the industry’s top words, such as "Shanghai dragon" and "computer", "mobile phone", the search volume is very large. Only with the search volume associated with long tail keywords only in the search volume number, and other Never mind.

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