Harbour Forum on how to do the chain will be more effective


or in the case of A5, when posting that explains, no nonsense. For me I have little time, before I do not understand, some things did not reply directly to nutrition was the moderator found a month, then the shield Oh, is the so-called chastened, so just know.

can see this page is not included, then we can reply, the following screenshot is already included posts, grasp a time here, to do a long time you will know.

1. high weight forum for

we are to do the webmaster, we are often in some forum posting and signature with the chain, but we made the chain so much with the signature, how can we know what is valid or invalid. We and others at the forum to do outside the chain, we observe that when the others found that the effect is very good, so what others do? We should control how to grasp a better time? You will witness this secret, this is not exclusive secret, male female.

below the high weight forum recommended: (1) Admin5 (2) Chinaz forum, the forum signature need what to buy gold, because of this, so the signature quality is excellent. (3) why (4) Shanghai dragon forum DZ forum to share these, there are many high weight can take signature forum in waiting for you to find.

I try not to irrigation


above is our reply post screenshots, you can clearly see the post time, this post address

you see chart, this is already included posts, have included Posts don’t reply, in reply to also do not have what effect. Because the update cycle for this page in the love of Shanghai is very long.

and then to copy the address bar




this is the first point, as the saying goes, modaobuwukanchaigong so high weight forum for this is one of the key,

2. post quality observation

this is very important. First we enter the forum posting page can be observed, holding down the A5 forum for example.

you see chart, when everyone replies to choose, replies less, preferably not more than 10 by more than ten words, your reply will go to the second page, so try to choose the less reply Click to view.


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