The 7 trap chain in you caught it

Links is a chain of the way many webmaster love, is the construction of the chain of the most simple and most common way. I link to you, you link to me, to each other to bring some clicks but also helps to search rankings. Some Shanghai dragon Er think exchange links have been a search engine drop right, has very little effect, but it is undeniable that the theme from related formal links still has a good effect.


The Three.

detection, some artificial detection. Anyway, hope everyone record in exchange links, including the exchange site, time, location, contact webmaster. Check regularly to prevent each other quietly take the webmaster do not know the link.

some people will say that this is not possible, how can I give to others there is no single stupid words.

weight transfer is fundamental to the friends of the chain, but.

. Delete the

chain was not included in

if the other owners to use robot.txt to shield the link, meta or Noindex so that the link cannot be indexed, so it looks no problem link is useless. First look at the website of the other side of this page is to be included, and then look at the noble baby Pr value, Pr at least that can be included in search engines.

four. The chain does not transfer the weight of

chain after the completion of the exchange

will send you some Adsense links page links they tell you have done up the exchange in connection is completed, such as home www.***贵族宝贝/index.php, you open after found your website link, then you go back the chain. Have a closer look at the web site? Have not thought about what they see in the address bar. The website? Maybe this is just the other side deliberately make a web page for you to see, if you remove the index.php access to the www.***贵族宝贝 you may find that your link does not exist. A misleading other may let yourself be sent in a one-way link.

this is probably the most common most likely to be found, the webmaster also guard.

chain with normal website pages, if not be included in the search engines what the weight of the rankings are empty talk. Of course, if the correlation may bring a lot of traffic, after all, this is our ultimate goal. But if it’s not relevant experience in the text of the link, the link footer rarely click.

link does not exist.

then came the question: as a webmaster, you are not very I hope you can give yourself a one-way link, but do not own the chain back in the past? Some webmasters start bad thoughts, here to remind everyone, if they have had other means, please feel free to share.

Some Adsense program for

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