A PR0 website how to exchange links with the PR4 6 high weight website

joined the DOMZ directory

I think this is a let a lot of stationmaster and stop looking for love, the Shanghai encyclopedia is really difficult to pass? Not so, webmaster base submitted 2 times passed, actually this is the trick here, Adsense base will share their experience, look at the screenshot:

, a site internal optimization

two, create love Shanghai Encyclopedia

This is a >




believes that the exchange links many webmaster friends will pay attention to each other Links pr. If your site is 0 PR, and the other is PR 4-6, you will not stop, feel no hope? Is this psychology is also very normal. But it’s not a glimmer of hope? I think the answer is no.. Why do you feel hopeless? I think the reason is that your website is not confident, if your site is good enough to look to leave each other a good impression, I think the other party may not be too care about your PR value. So how to make your own website to leave each other a good impression? Webmaster base here to teach you a few common and very effective method:

careful people will find that there is a clear directory, yes, in the preparation of love Shanghai encyclopedia to format specification, it can make your site look professional. Later chief base official group a webmaster attempts to submit encyclopedia after the failure, simply try to apply the base station as like as two peas immediately by the directory, did not expect, there are pictures and the truth, the presentation:

then what do you do you know?. Can not say that the one hundred percent can pass, but you can try.

someone asked me today, how is the base station in just 2 months will be able to achieve 4 PR website? My answer is: high quality Links. He continued to ask: can your website at the time of PR0, high quality, high weight website willing to exchange links with you? Next, we will discuss this issue:

this is the most crucial point, but also need a little time to work you should most, your site is 0 is just, if your site in a glance, very poor, simple words, you don’t expect PR4-6’s website and you exchange links. You need to constantly optimize the website content is as rich as possible, appropriately adjusted the interface of the website, make your website at least look more professional, rich in content. It can give the visiting users leave a good impression. A good impression can let them see your potential. In front of the comprehensive quality of the website, PR may become less important. I hope you can understand this point.

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