Several factors of enterprise website ranking optimization of Shanghai Longfeng stable

(6) love Shanghai algorithm update: since Google exit China, love Shanghai has been firmly secured the top spot in the Chinese search engine. Shanghai love >


site outside the chain if there is a good ranking, the chain web site behind good support. Especially for new sites, in addition to the station optimization, the chain will be extreme. But the chain is not the pursuit of quantity, the quality of the chain is more important. In addition to many outside the chain is not stable, if the chain can not be screened, very easily lead to the accumulation of garbage chain, such a great impact on the website weight.



(3) flow into


website content is updated on a regular basis

Guizhou: common understanding Romon Shanghai dragon search optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization of two parts. To do in the station optimization and stood outside optimization is more complex, things are more complicated. However, in general, do in the station optimization should be familiar with the eight elements, do these elements, then your site optimization is a natural, more effective, significant effect. Guizhou high was the network for the stable keywords ranking has its own merit, and share with you.

chain stability long tail keywordsKeywords


(1) user needs

website ranking stable will inevitably bring certain flow. Naturally, do Shanghai Longfeng never meet the home page ranking, ranking first is certainly. But in order to get good rankings, must take some drainage measures, more traffic, in order to obtain good results.

in site optimization, will be referred to the needs of users, but some people do not really understand the needs of users. The user needs is not to say that you stand in the angle of optimization to solve the needs of users, but from the user’s point of view to optimize your site.

ranking stability can bring good effect to the site, but the traffic must maintain a certain height. We all know that the web site for the flow and drainage of core words but not the home page, the inside pages long tail word play a role. That is to say, we should expand keywords, long tail word out drainage effect is good, only in this way can enhance the page ranking, the keywords ranking stability.

station, the best of course is updated every day some of the original or high quality pseudo original article. So let the spider a habit will periodically to crawl your site. And these articles often can be very good to improve the user experience, the content of a web site to attract users to stay and that the station user experience is not bad, the search engine will also be favored to obtain an ideal ranking with keywords ranking unstable need Shanghai dragon Er have a common heart, know how to insist on, learn to turn summary, in order to cope with the search engine doesn’t change every hour and moment in love in Shanghai.

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