Some talk about behind the Shanghai dragon ranking

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as many people always talk about how many "best in the chain, what the best number, 35? 40? I don’t know, this is the significance of love? Shanghai lEE ask is: within the chain is determined by the position of web page on the site. So, the chain is on the site, the number of pages and position weight within the chain within the chain and independent, and correlated with the overall ratio.

is now a lot of new people into the industry of Shanghai Longfeng, met the idea and concept of too much, just look at the love Shanghai official fortunately, the key is mostly new first contact with all kinds of packaging outside the "invention" of the theory, some effectiveness, some of it really is packaging. The result is the feeling of Shanghai dragon that is too difficult to do, do not go to training.

XXX algorithm, it is a local thing ranking, the algorithm itself is not important, we must pay attention to the algorithm is needed to solve the problem, then you directly solve the problem OK. This is not something you study algorithm is finished, many people want to eat for a lifetime through the algorithm, the deeper research through the results, finally love Shanghai algorithm, you want to enter the sea with engineer? Engineer algorithm, they do algorithm according to user needs, and your job Shanghai Longfeng, according to the algorithm to find the user needs.

Shanghai dragon can not really some technology skills to a good rankings? There is, Shanghai dragon is not dead, there, there is no doubt that death, certainly not dead, just one thing more and more need to understand: Shanghai dragon is the means, not the purpose, the purpose is to keep the user, and the achievements of their own business. At present, the Shanghai dragon, a lot of how to get traffic from search engines to discuss, but how to use the power of search engines better promote their own business, but little discussion. But other areas outside of Shanghai Longfeng it talk more, so this is not a healthy state.

in fact, say simple simple, to hard to say, any one industry you are digging is very difficult, but don’t just started on the theory of Shanghai Longfeng are tall to cheat, followed others on "user experience", "XXX" algorithm, it is what do you think will, probably, but really, this is not enough weight, these are slowly feeling in the execution of it, not all day to pull you out.

slowly, a novice slowly found himself to know everything, but is not good, that finally do Shanghai dragon has no sense of direction, no doubt is doomed to failure. The entry must not be misleading concept, to learn the simple practical tips. Step back and say, getting started with the time, you might as well go to the multiple chain, do more tests. It is the hair of the chain, if you can leave the chain to achieve the ultimate, it’s better than the truth, even if you just take this technology to understand, is enough to show you.

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