The difference between XML and HTML site map site map

now do site optimization! Site map is a very important part of. But people often ask site is XML or sitemap, HTML or sitemap? Two with

first, let’s take a look at the difference between the two kinds of site map. HTML site map site map in the traditional sense, is to see the site. It is equivalent to a directory, for users to understand the network structure of the website, do not get lost.

then XML sitemap? Personally feel not so important, but not absolute! If the structure of your site is very good, the number and the number of included XML sitemap can not much difference between, do not need, or will your normal spider crawling station and included articles. If your site articles are more than 1700 articles, included only a few hundred articles, it is strongly recommended that you build a XML sitemap map. You can test through the site example: site:www.***贵族宝贝 check included number


personally think that most of the site should have a HTML sitemap! Why? Two reasons: one is that it helps the spider crawling your site, two is to allow visitors to easily understand your site. Of course, some sites may not need, like a small website or online store, users can find what they need, and the large content of the site or a HTML sitemap, easy for users to find information! HTML sitemap webmaster noble baby recommended each page link number not more than one hundred, but I believe this the numbers are not strictly, if a single page link to your number more than one hundred, which is of great help to the user? (oh, baby should still be included in your noble website articles in

this is a fun and more heavy


XML site map is the real meaning of Shanghai Dragon Field said on Sitemaps to search engine, tell the search engines which page is an important page, which is equivalent to the search engine of a steering wheel, and the frequency of updates, namely tell search engines between how long should visit once; but XML is the site map for search engines provide a reference only, search engine is not fully in accordance with the parameters you set to finalize.

!) !

personally think that the best common website put a HTML sitemap, because the search engine and the viewer is a great help! And for XML sitemap, the search engine spiders to crawl and index the index, it is very useful! So? Add a XML sitemap does not have any effect on the site, where it is in the end to explore and practice slowly.

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