Shanghai Longfeng mistakes correct mistakes

error three: Brush ranking unstable

error: the content must be original

Now the website is

webmaster tools, love stand like Shanghai Longfeng practical platform for the novice or experienced the Shanghai dragon Er, are essential tools. But these products are presented by the content, can not understand. For example, the chain and the chain. Take the following images as an example, to date, the website chain is 201 thousand, consistent with the results of retrieval. And this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er chain mistaken for a web site outside of the chain itself, to understand the source of this kind of data, we must first understand the search engine inside a domain advanced search instructions.

error two: this chain is the chain of

as a small business website, the original alone does not bring much help to your site, most of the time just in order to optimize the home page. Regardless of the size of Shanghai dragon website, more important, can not ignore the page quality of Shanghai Longfeng, for example: image normalization, standardization, TDK Shanghai dragon H label, the proper use of appropriate font right, page keyword frequency, more is the demand point keyword page aggregation, the formation of large the net station page, so the optimization effect will be better!

domain is a simple understanding of the site trans domain, also called site link name, and check out the search results link domain name is matched with the number (the same site can be calculated repeatedly). If you put the domain check out the reverse link domain as the chain website for you Shanghai dragon basic knowledge know is too one-sided, because if I do is the anchor text of the chain, you can search out the use of domain.

"content is king" has been shouting for years, but the original content being Shanghai dragon Er are respected, is not to say that the pursuit of the original problem, early to write original article broken head, finished quickly released late, for fear of a second, thus ignoring the root page optimization, this did not do the layout of the page reasonable illustrations. So many are not within the pages of a web page in ranking.

In general there are two types of

training institutions, Shanghai dragon tutorial full, but many lessons contain many errors in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge points, these errors for the novice learning it. Shanghai white dragon. Hai Yao Shanghai dragon small with so many years from the Shanghai white dragon by now have the experience, sorting out the seven most easily overlooked but the most common knowledge of errors, correct mistakes.

for the website ranking unstable understanding: one is never brushed, thought to be the cause of black hat behavior. The two is after the brush not to renew, the ranking will be dropped. In fact, click on the brush ranking, if can really do is click the authenticity of the simulation software or parameter >

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