Share the formation of Shanghai dragon promotion team need to have conditions

two, to establish and perfect the editorial team

rules no Cheng Fangyuan, no common goal of the team is lacking spirit of cooperation, no fighting force. I do not deny that of course, foreign enterprise system is relatively small, but only based on the social and cultural foundation (dedication based), team formation in early need to clear the work process of compensation system. As for my suggestion is the incentive reward system to let subordinates reward punishment to burst with joy, let subordinates punish terror. The preliminary system, such as: the project implementation process, inspection process, progress reporting process, the daily implementation specification, daily inspection process, meeting system, training system.

, select the "appropriate" management team

, five internal training mechanism

this is the last process of team building, establish a training mechanism through the internal ability in the training team members will put on the inside, let employees see progress, build confidence through training for employees, but not blindly training, training is required after the corresponding assessment, training experience for me "training is not equal to the ability, training assessment, is to enhance the ability of the best method", the content of the assessment can be formulated according to the training content > test

four, detailed work flow system and target

a wolf led sheep can defeat a sheep led by wolves, the choice of lead management group is not less than, choose the wolf lead standard, 1, Shanghai dragon above having rich experience; 2, have good communication skills (early cannot be completed in a subordinate job lead come on, which requires lead and company personnel department joint recruitment) 3, team management experience.

for program development, selection of development experience is a large website program staff to the construction site, if you work for the corresponding departments to consider outsourcing, can effectively reduce the cost of management and recruitment cost pre course is to make clear requirements document, and don’t forget to sign the contract, the contract provisions on the list the development and application of the above procedures, pay attention not to let the kidnapped your website.

three, first-class technical support backed by

as the saying goes good soldier bear a flaming nest, a good team needs a suitable Lead management, combined with their own situation to share, how to organize a team to fight the Shanghai dragon.

recently, Google love Shanghai two major search engines on the industry website to rectify the problems with the site are basically the problems in content, search engines every improvement will be a progress, website content editing can not stay in the oral above editorial content, the formation of the editorial team earlier introduction of course, if it is the most ideal early recruitment to editing experience, consider recruiting news professionals is also a good choice.


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