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to now, I think we should re write robots.txt files, can allow search engines to access your website! Easy to search engine included your page and to get ranked! This principle, we think the website search engine cheating or change is too large to estimate before I, so the original included the removal, and no longer give us any website ranking, equivalent to K station. But when we forbid them to visit, they will return to some of the most basic rankings, personally think that the site is K, which should be resumed in Shanghai Longfeng work again included this process is almost a week! Hope that it is useful to everybody! By www.tao93贵族宝贝

before love Shanghai in the fall, other new page is certainly not included. It is urgent! See the N article, finally determine a way to try their own thought! Love before Shanghai included are off, indicating the site changes too big, really too big change, even re upload site. Here we recommend the rookie, as little as possible to change the layout, so as not to love Shanghai think we are cheating! This way is very simple, we all love Shanghai and the other search engines are blocked, do not have to care about it. After less than a week, this morning to try site’s own website, enter www.***贵族宝贝 as a result of a miracle, 22! And our brand word also can find

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I try a webmaster idiot, with a small program for the Discuz x3.2 forum website. Because a few months ago in Amoy spent one hundred or two hundred yuan to build a website, the website to upload a website program, set up a home page, title, keywords diccroption three tags. Other pages like are not perfect! In the spirit of learning, I find myself to learn a few days without a station, and then reinstall the server, upload your own discuz site procedures. Later I try to use my own website brand word check love Shanghai, it found that the problem is too big, even the brand Shanghai words of love are not included! Before there is no other words included. The direct use of the site command could not find any record their own website

in contributions!

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