The reason about the recent website ranking back or unstable speculation

recently I do website, there are a lot of website ranking is not the situation before. If it is used, would be ranked up, but recently the website ranking is whether you do how much of the chain, no matter how you update the article, your website ranking remains constant. Some optimization methods related to peer webmaster, many colleagues have such a situation, I guess love might be a problem in Shanghai. Figure:

extraction and concentration equipment 贵族宝贝wzsenbo贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you.

recently I visited a push, push 28, Shanghai dragon why webmaster forum, see peer webmaster asked more questions is the website ranking is not stable or ranking always do not come up. The author carries on the analysis according to their own problems, that is mainly the love Shanghai database, or is love Shanghai may suppress Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so no matter how we can not always ranking optimization.



This paper consists of:

if you love Shanghai for the user experience is the most valued, then the ranking should be in love Shanghai home station is the best user experience. But I don’t think so. For example, you search for the word "extracting and concentrating equipment", ranked in the first place is a classified information website, the user enters see the advertisement was a lot about extracting and concentrating equipment for the information of the products rarely.

we all know the word Shanghai dragon is a lot of competition, the foreigners for the domestic basic search engine algorithm is not very understand, and we have to understand a few English? How many people are going to look at the English website? Even if the English site in abroad very Niubi, but rarely in China people will go to see. The author believes that now Shanghai dragon optimization, love Shanghai own algorithm large, or possibly suppress Shanghai Longfeng optimization, deliberately let our webmaster website ranking is not stable, then find their auction.

cut from Shanghai dragon why forum

ranking in the second of the contents did not appear the words extraction enrichment equipment, even the love Shanghai home second. If the two I take not convincing, then you look at the words of Shanghai dragon, you search to love Shanghai second page, see a foreign English website, was ranked in the second page love Shanghai.

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