Web2 0 online advertising to upgrade the thresholdHow to make money by making a racket

1. online advertising has expanded

Internet is hypermarkets. When you are opening an online store, there are many competitors, so you have to do a survey of the Internet and use the search engine to investigate the market price of similar products. "The highest guideline for buyers to buy is" the lowest price"." The lowest price, of course, in the case of profit. We follow the principle of small profits but quick turnover.

network advertisement already is not only the picture of the various departments and regions, rich media and video advertising works are more and more widely used." Thanks to the popularity of Web2.0, online advertising has also reached the threshold of upgrading.

"on the one hand, Web2.0 provides a wider platform for Internet advertising, the audience more interactive, more targeted put; on the other hand, take the opportunity to gradually break the traditional advertising network advertising is only advertising function, and assume more and more direct marketing tasks, to some of the types of goods, from advertising to the audience to accept to complete the purchase behavior of the entire process, can be covered in the network advertisement function."

2. advertisers on the network media began to look

according to network data to analyze, open online shop, net shot as much as 8 into almost no money, goods are not on shelves for a few months no flow, or that no one asked or placed. So the racquet or some "shape" should pay attention to:

named part of the more attractive the better, it may be added: limited edition, XXX idol star favorite, coupled with "send ah, package mail" and other words, it is easier to attract eyeballs". The specifications, features and sources of the goods are best able to clearly and correctly describe the

nets take nothing, pay attention to 3 points.

but in addition, although the network advertisement originates from the advertisement, but is obtaining the reborn development with the aid of high technology, unceasingly expands the advertisement original connotation, more and more directly impels the marketing effect. For advertisers, so that they have a.

small sellers to shop for net shot, of course, compared with the studio, there are models of super sellers, but even if the use of dummies, individual businesses can also take pictures of the United States and the United states. The most important thing is to arrange the shooting situation. "You’re selling nothing more than this item."." Next to the best to be able to decorate some warm and atmosphere props.

As everyone knows, today’s "

"Internet advertising is derived from advertising, but with the special platform of the Internet, >

"because it has expanded much more than traditional advertising, either in form or in substance."."

recently released data show that this year Q1 U.S. Internet advertising revenue grew by 26%, reaching $4 billion 900 million, creating a historical record. And China’s online advertising market is also growing rapidly, iResearch latest data show that 07 years Q1 China online advertising overall delivery costs reached 899 million yuan, an increase of up to 50.7%. What prompted the surge in Internet advertising?

, 1 the construction of attention situation for shooting merchandise

4. advantage lies in technological innovation, but also in the audience to support follow-up marketing behavior

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open shop to do the racquet is, most people use the Internet to make money first, you can make a long time the shop owner so there is some experience here to tell you, and I hope to help you.

3 and text packaging is best attractive

3. benefit from Web2.0, online advertising to upgrade the threshold of

2 search market price advertised lowest price

, such as plane, radio, television and other traditional forms of advertising, compared with online advertising has its own limitations. "This is not only reflected in the creative and delivery technology may also be reflected in the audience arrival and follow-up marketing behavior support." "All kinds of traditional advertising don’t go away," but online advertising poses a constant threat to the traditional advertising market."

The essence of

for the U.S. market, analysts believe that thanks to shlf1314, Microsoft and a series of acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions transactions, Internet advertising in recent months attracted the attention of the industry. The huge market potential of online advertising has attracted much attention. Capital operation is not only a market recognition, but also stimulates the further development of the market." From the user’s point of view, "advertisers are becoming more and more confident of the Internet media."."

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