More than 2017 word around the exact role


then, 2017, the word around there is a need to do

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so, if the home page set of keywords, column page or the article page cannot be set, be it, we can use other ways to express the word around, for example in the text is repeated several secondary optimization keywords can, or outside the station anchor text. Why?

in addition, in the setting of Keywords tag and description tag, suggest the same keywords do not occur repeatedly in the past four words principle is recommended to repeat two times or so, do so now instead of ranking bad description tag as short as possible, to highlight the theme of the site.

learning Shanghai dragon people know the word around, this is the basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, with the love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, will be around a word so obvious? I don’t want to talk about the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, but there are a lot of friends consulting website program cannot set the key words and the description tag do? So I talk about personal word around the understanding, we hope to help.

yes, my advice is don’t focus on layout around a word, especially some web applications, such as WordPress template, in addition to the home page you can customize Keywords tag and description tag, the other pages need to develop their own, or download the plugin to set around a word, many beginners to this point, take great pains to get the plug-in, spend a lot of time, had little effect, pay more than the harvest, why

before 2010, Shanghai Longfeng exaggeration to say is the keyword accumulation, so the word around a great role, even some high index keywords deliberately piled up large, also have a good ranking, because at that time Shanghai Longfeng not many people, the search engine is not intelligent, mistakenly believe that we say what he thinks is what.


from 2010 to 2013, a large number of the chain can have good rankings, also can think of who the chain number, good quality who website ranking is good, this is a period of time, the mass of the chain, the chain purchase behavior is rampant, of course, around a word is also very important, 2014 is the turning point Shanghai Longfeng operation technique, a simple four words and the mass of the chain can bring to the site good ranking, the mass of the chain may even cause site drop right.

because the ultimate function of the word around is to tell the search engine: "we express the theme, if you do not write the words, do not know the search engine" to highlight the expression of the content, do not know how to show to the user. But now the search engine is smart enough to distinguish the theme of the site’s content, it is just a matter of time. In the optimization of the actual process, there are a lot of good ranking website even Keywords tag doesn’t write is the truth.

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