New friends made two mistakes in the use of common software bugs chain

non original multiple copy refers to the webmaster use a little network off the shelf is of high quality, the favorite articles or topics and the number copy share, add the chain website in the article, with the help of the existing resource growth outside the chain of quality, but the local election material way, convenience is convenient, without go to the acquisition, but there are many disadvantages, such as unable to attract the love of spiders in Shanghai, and again this is not new and has no way to attract users such as reading the sought after effect, the chain’s influence is not as good as we expected, so here Chong Shanghai Longfeng encourage insect friends in the chain to maintain a plateau.

release is beside the point in each big forum outside the chain of posts, Chong for Shanghai Longfeng garbage chain. If the garbage outside the chain for optimization is useless, it is a bit too arbitrary, but the utility of garbage chain for site optimization growth weight display really not worth mentioning, very chicken ribs, and insect friends often make an incorrect method, is the emphasis of garbage in the chain chain to save time and resources, can make the code finishing time, outside the chain to do more garbage and wider range. Actually otherwise, Chong Shanghai dragon before mentioned, since the software is to put the chain to achieve the ultimate, ultimate here has two meanings, broad and fine. With worms soft junk the chain way actually do have deviated from the so-called precision and a wide range of ideas and we send the chain’s original goal, to know the hair of the chain’s goal is to optimize and increase website weight, the chain quality ability to optimize the effectiveness of the site, complete the chain of garbage will cause you outside of the chain is not stable, and the content of the chain is not readable, the site administrator will delete your post, because the station, insect friends in the chain may need to be aware of these, should do the high quality the chain, do fine and wide, how to do, in 28 and 29, two day training is also mentioned, do not understand that you can download the video to watch.

Two, the chain

the number of original copy refers to the implementation of a copy of the webmaster information outside the chain was original, basically all.


, a chain of garbageThe

chain is a critical step to optimize the weights of the site of growth, is also very much in Shanghai dragon Er value, we can say that it is an important factor for the survival of the webmaster website. Before the Shanghai dragon in "how to use the Chong software to do the worm link" in an article about how to use a marketing software to do outside the chain, but some friends asked in the group, why use soft insects to do outside the chain, the effect is not very ideal for what is today? Chong told us that Shanghai dragon with soft insects do outside the chain do not mistake.

The number of The

what is the copy of the chain, Chong Shanghai Dragon said, a number of non original multiple copy, one is the original copy number.

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