Love Shanghai search launched someone see more about the content of the new function

but not search all words will appear to view more links, not all sites will appear more links. Also see more about "Shanghai Dragon technology website ranked" the content of the top two sites did not appear after clicking.

Figure 1

click on the first website. Just below the contents into a.



see more about "Shanghai Dragon technology ranking website content. The following results will appear after.

first love Shanghai encyclopedia click, does not appear. Second home owners did not appear. Third, Shanghai dragon why forum appeared. Fourth Zac site did not appear. Fifth moon Shanghai Phoenix Forum, click still.

Figure 7

sometimes love Shanghai more about "XX" content, sometimes not, when this word is possible and search the weight of this page, the high weight of low weight, No. For more on the "XX" content in certain specific what if you page theme clear, you use the title, "

also such as you search for the word "

The list will still see more

" in Shanghai Dragon

in Shanghai Shanghai dragon love search technology, click on the second site appears below to see more about the "Shanghai Dragon Technology Ranking" the content of > >. Not only is the second click website will appear, as long as it is found in Shanghai Dragon technology website click on the search results will appear. The following effect.

click on the different sites will be different to see more about certain content. As for the "inside some of the content of the page title (such as the Shanghai dragon website ranking technology, some money) is an extension of the theme of the website content (such as the last one).

but when you search the Shanghai Dragon Technology Zac website appeared more links.

Figure 4


Figure 5


Click to see more about the "Shanghai Dragon Technology Ranking" the content of > > or the search content will become the following.

Figure 2 Figure 3 Figure 6



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