Private hospital network marketing of Shanghai know love

here know Shanghai sex skills are as follows:

2, an account can have questions to answer questions, group account group account exchange; and in the number of day, it is best not more than 10 answer, at the same time it is best not more than 3 answers;


3, such as the question and answer, never use the same IP, otherwise the title will and time interval should pay attention to, it is best to every few days, and then have some answer after taking its own is the best answer;


so, how to make good use of private hospitals in Shanghai to know love

sex know, will encounter factors of operators can not control such as questions or answers will be deleted, there will be a title, IP may, this is inevitable, but the operator can control some of the factors that work to maximize the effect, such as questioning skills, adopt the answer; the number of answer, with the keyword density; Web site, brand name; adopt the answer, the top answer; internal questions, or join the interactive cooperation group;

During the Shanghai We all know that

is the first to register the account no.. A certain number of registered accounts assigned accounts and account answer questions; then is to ask questions, answer questions, the first day of questioning group questions, write down the link, second days will be sent to the group for third days and then answer answer, questions and so on, by the group adopted to answer questions, such as keyword record;

4, it is best to answer not concentrated in a short time to answer, to stagger the time (with some mutual love Shanghai know QQ group, and then others take turns asking answer);

1, a registered account, the same IP is best not to register too many registered after whether you do not have to use every day remember landing;

5, if you want to know to stay in Shanghai love links must be a link on the reference, and add links do not use direct link to the home page, links within a day up to 2.

has its own products and services such as Shanghai’s love, love love Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar, know, love Shanghai space, library, although love is required for Shanghai station ranking, there are rules to judge what kind of website can be ranked in the home, but the love of their own things will eventually Shanghai therefore, the use of favoritism, love Shanghai know to promote private medical treatment, if done well, can bring a certain amount of traffic, and cheap, and the ranking is very stable, so, in order to save advertising costs, increase website traffic, turn the appointment to visit Shanghai to know sex network marketing. It is necessary to.


currently, cyber source in the medical industry competition is very fierce, love for the promotion of products in Shanghai has become increasingly difficult, how to improve their website ranking, through love Shanghai products flow into patients with reservation, is the key to diagnosis dialogue.

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