The analysis of Shanghai Longfeng case diagnostic analysis of drop right site

3, optimization of cheating or misunderstanding optimization (frequent change site title, the accumulation of Guan Jian words, trading connection)

website down right?The main performance of

usually results in the majority of this web site was K for the site quality is not high, it said "the website quality is not simply that is whether the original content, but contains too many things such as the title of the website often changes, website optimization excessive cheating, is a manifestation of the website quality is not high.

is down right in the judgment of the site in question, it is important to understand that search engine punishment is not easy to detect, some words, Guan Jian website ranking drop flow down in the end because of being punished or because of changes in the search engine algorithm? Or have new competitors to join in? This is very difficult to accurately distinguish between. So only to fully grasp the possible site down the right, before the operation, to avoid as far as possible, don’t let the site was down right.

1, the

What are the general performance of

this situation right downThe basic

can be identified as the website has pages by K.

that if a good analysis of whether the site is down right must grasp the "site right down the general performance?", "further analysis of Web site right down to the factors in order to better right down.

1, causing the site site directory, path change and cause drop right

so you can not blindly believe is right down site is not in the first place. Site website is not on the first page of the website is not necessarily be right down, the site will not be right down in the first place.

analysis: when the query site is included only home page. In addition to many new Adsense time after the optimization is still included in the search engine home page,

page The revision of the

site is down right site is often the result of many factors, the search engine will not because the site of a point and the right to drop (factors), causing the site to drop right is nothing more than three factors:

website search engine drop right is generally divided into the following (several factors judgment criteria: right down to the

the result may be due to the web server (stability), factors of poor quality, a large collection of content (or weight >

1.2, website page is K left home.

1.1, website by K, only in the

analysis: when searching 贵族宝贝domain贵族宝贝 or search website title, look at the first is this website, if not, then the site is down right


site: 2, inferior inferior site judgment (dead link too much, too many repetitive pages, poor user experience or acquisition station, the website often cannot normally access)

) !For example:

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