Shanghai Longfeng details timely screening the optimal separator beneficial optimization

three: optimization of tag keyword delimiter

details of the optimization more important? How many people pay attention to the details of the optimization in the tag? The most simple terms, the delimiter is more prominent so rampant chaos. A lot of websites in the kyeword tag to chaos delimiters, but had not known optimization drawbacks, such as "," comma errors is a typical example, and tag keywords >

site title is composed of two parts, one is the site keywords, the name of the site, in the optimization process: usually use "|" or "-" dash optimized keywords and the main title, instead of choosing",". Why so? Even from the user experience point of view, will give users leave a clear impression, otherwise some users are difficult to distinguish which one is the name of the site. Search engine based on human development, so the optimization is more appropriate. In addition to "dash" that appeared in the middle, progressive, keyword and website main title on the site in the title (such as: Shanghai website production | Shanghai website – pilot technology ", dashes play the role is to explain a few keywords progressive. Here, the author thinks: the main title in the main keyword relates to not too much, the best is to optimize the reasonable collocation of the search engine keyword collocation more long tail keywords from the group, rather than another three repeatedly stressed the primary key.

two separated with the main title character

construction site, between each site for keywords or title between separated optimization. However, the details of the optimization between Shanghai dragon you and know how much? Usually Shanghai dragon Er stressed: "-" dash, "_" short line "," decline, comma, "|" line, separated or space optimization title or keyword, and not to use other search engines separated mixed do not permit fu. Such as: "question mark"? "," comma, and even some owners use more special symbols. So in addition, in front of your computer, but also have to learn how to optimize the delimiter? What to say here is that binary network separator optimization should be timely use, in order to highlight the keyword optimization effect.

: a separation between keywords match

in the website optimization process, whether you have noticed the match between the use of separating keywords? Although more than a few style for the search engine rules in separate character, but the optimization effect is not the same. Such as: using the "comma" between keywords, "_" underlined optimization, instead of using the "|" line was cut off, so optimized according to actual experience, free combination easier to apply keywords. Of course, just over the past few years a little experience, but even through the "Baidu" or the vast majority of the good performance of the site, is an optimized format so. Even with the mainstream, the essence is summed up the previous one.

The process of Keywords:

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