The effective method to improve the keywords ranking

plays a great role in the search engine and user experience, should be clear and concise structure of website navigation, the only way to help users quickly from your website to find what he needs, so the search engine can quickly go to every page in the web crawl.


three: the structure of the website



believes that every Shanghai Longfeng practitioners want their website to get good rankings, especially in Shanghai Longfeng company personnel, their main job is to enhance the website ranking, but we can not say the website ranking up, which depends on technology and deal with your own love of the Shanghai algorithm. Today I will tell you something about the effective method to improve the keywords ranking.

see the other domain name age and site structure, carefully analyze each web site with the chain, where the analysis of each website advantage, find him a good place to study, and find your shortcomings, however, establish their own advantage,

as everyone knows, rich original content website will naturally get the search engine’s favorite, in fact, a ranking optimization experience will be consistent with the content of perception, website keywords, there must be some readability, only to meet the needs of users will play a certain advantage.

The structure of the website In fact,

: update

chain construction is a work in Shanghai dragon is important and dangerous, but many owners ignore some of the details, is always blind to release the chain. A site to get good rankings, the high quality of the chain drive is essential, to get the high quality the chain must be from the user’s perspective, do content, links appear natural.

website optimization method of just a few, it is a commonplace talk of an old scholar as long as you doing, every detail, will succeed!

Motomoon Akiyu: brave 贵族宝贝 starting A5 station network, please indicate the original link. (I hope the webmaster to respect the labor of others)

two: the construction of the chain

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