The breakdown of love Shanghai recently some strange phenomenon

fell in love with the Shanghai air sea search found below in a station, drawing on page second:


do not match the theme of the site keywords

had often said that 2012 is the end of the world, but in the Shanghai dragon circles can also say Guang Dazhong is the 2012 small webmaster, dogged by bad luck. There have been 6.22 and 6.28 days before the event, and later the 8.23 day event, then Shanghai has launched against the original site of love is not high site, advocate the original web site content, and then is the latest and come up with a hyperlink against cheating, this year it is love Shanghai mobilize year ah, a a little love action in Shanghai can entrap many of our webmaster and Shanghai Longfeng workers. So today we gave several recently fell in love with some strange phenomenon to see the sea.

in the site points to look at the contents inside, see below:

from the picture above we can see that the love of Shanghai recently is really very strange, like this website should give good ranking, very puzzled, what Shanghai and love their introduction of some related policies in line with what the so-called original website, improve website user experience, let the original multi site more in a row on the front position, several sites above are not met, how do you love Shanghai, can normal point. This paper by 贵族宝贝ztweb Shanghai Longfeng贵族宝贝/ editor, please indicate the

we put the site open look inside the contents as follows:

in love Shanghai in search of the word Shanghai surrogate appeared machinery class website, and ranking is very near the top, see below:

in Shanghai in search of the keywords love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Figure, ranking in the second page,

! A program or website open ranking is very good


we make this website open look inside the contents as follows:

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