Er analysis of Shanghai Longfeng road to the future where

, from the media

now and some groups of 90 webmaster friends of communication, often encounter some people say do so long time Shanghai Longfeng, every day is always repeated in editing work (content acquisition, editing, two track hot, into the article, etc.) exchange chain and the chain, Shanghai dragon seems to just do these things, at the beginning of "little lost reptile" will also learn to use the locomotive as collector, to write a beautiful TKD, good planning website URL structure skills and excitement, the next step is to learn some of the black hat, hidden text, keyword stuffing, brush, brush and brush flow keywords after playing skills, for a period of time began to precipitate, soak in the college, webmaster webmaster forum to absorb all kinds of query word segmentation, indexing principle, search algorithm and keyword row effect The name of all factors and so on as long as the latest official documents released will go to see, turn a circle, began thinking mastered these things my future where is the way? SEM strong, from the media, the rise of the popularity of APP in combination with the real-time effect of current enterprise strong, let me completely into a loss, it seems the glorious era of Shanghai dragon occupation has gone for ever.

)WeChat public platform

1. popular needs to reach certain amount of fans as the main flow;

real case: small for a financial category of today’s headlines account, say today’s headlines, not to advertise for it is small of the popular media, today’s headlines are one of the most suitable, whether it is love Shanghai 100, NetEase, WeChat public media from the media platform, penguin, Phoenix media, UC media have their limitations. (from the media here only a few small examples with

ZAC from the teacher a "Shanghai dragon combat code" into Shanghai Longfeng this occupation, global forum in search of Shanghai Longfeng silently accumulated skills, until today, has nearly 6 years of time, during the stop and go for some reason to leave a period of time in this circle, and all the webmaster friends as experiencing loss, confusion and uncertainty about future occupation, but still insist on down, put yourself on a whim to the occupation of Shanghai Longfeng some future to record down, is an account of his 6 years in Shanghai Longfeng road.


next time I’ve been thinking about this problem, since the conclusion can not be changed, will flow. Shanghai Longfeng practitioners also have their own advantages, years of experience in dealing with the box and the search, whether it is digging words classified and so on use of words, will allow you to quickly understand the information point of an industry that is of interest to the user, the next is the "lost small Crawler" to Shanghai dragon Er way talk about the combination of query and emerging Internet derived products.

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