Do not step on the website search engine minefield

has been repeated for thousands of times the content of love, Shanghai may not be included. If your site on the web, a large number are copied from the Internet highly repetitive content, so, your site may also be discarded love Shanghai.

web site based on penalized IP, Shanghai will not claim to love the punishment of IP recrawl.

Under the same content

needless to comment on this article, mainly for the use of some cheating on the jump, most search engines will have similar terms.

8, the problem of the domain name

title, title and website content must be echoed, if it comes to a keyword in the title, but the actual content of a website with the irrelevant keywords, it will greatly reduce the love of Shanghai for the site.

3, hidden content

use CSS or background color of hidden content, this is a great evil, if you do not want your station was K off to get rid of this unwise.

10, the contents of the problem

1, the accumulation ofThe accumulation of keywords and text independent


illegal content, if the content of your site is not in conformity with national law place, should not be included in the love of Shanghai.

4, JavaScript jump

2, the same page links too much

used to be punished domain name, love will return to Shanghai without claiming that the punishment of the domain name.

5, with IP chain



on the same page, do not have too many links. In those types of site map page, please put the important content links are given, but not all, all the minor details. Too many links, which may lead to not being loved in Shanghai included.

7, chain cheating website

9, the server problems

writer 520 guitar 贵族宝贝520jita贵族宝贝 welcome you to visit, the copyright belongs to the author, please indicate the source

Links and some of the rubbish site, it may make your site have a negative impact.


IP "for a large number of direct exchange links, the reasonable link does not matter, the key is not the simple exchange links, if love Shanghai think you are in the flicker of his crawler, you know the consequences.

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