A few words of several easy to ignore rankings skills

then is the link page, if the chain is more than 100, then leave your chain is no good in this page, this is why a lot of people spent a lot of time to do outside the chain, causes the effect is not good, because it is now in the free chain, often are of poor quality, so it took time to do such a lot of garbage outside the chain, can not bring much change to the site!

first, the chain will have a variety of forms, such as the relevant aspects of the Shanghai dragon website, must not only have related links, but also related to the anchor text, anchor text and form is varied, such as the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon optimization and so on, through the change of different anchor text the site of the long tail keywords to enhance competitiveness!

in Shanghai as everyone knows, the dragon has optimized the chain for the emperor’s argument, if a web site outside of the chain is enough, the quality is high enough, then to the website is very great help, so now many webmaster every website is a very important job is to find your site into multiple sites link, but a lot of people at work after a period of time, but found himself although very hard, but the effect is always not good, this is actually ignored several techniques of the construction of the chain caused by!

content optimization are often very concerned about the quality and frequency of content, in these techniques, the frequency of.

: through the chain site optimization easy to overlook the skill of

then as much as possible to find the content related web links, this is many webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization easily overlooked, they generally think, just leave the chain in the weight of the high site on the line, do not consider the content of the website and your website content there is no correlation, but it also the correlation is hard to find a certain relationship, but even if the content of the website and your site not related, but the relevant content in the relevant channel, publish content chain here, the effect is good!

website optimization has become one of the most important skills essential to the webmaster, and now the site optimization techniques are many, but in so many optimization techniques, but there are several skills is very important, but by many webmasters are easy to overlook, resulting in many webmaster in website optimization spent a lot the time, but the final effect is not very good, so here I will briefly and share with you, which are easy to be ignored and there is a very important skill!

finally is the increase in the chain should be a gradual process, and can not be a day to hundreds, and second days without a chain, so that there is no law to increase, often make search engine very offensive, and ultimately will not be much helpful to their website!

two: the content optimization easy to overlook the skill of

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