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1. Game information: station can find the game platform, such as a visitor to your site by registering a game account and has value, then you can how much rebate.

Zhang Liaoyuan, after considering moving from the line to the line, created a team of 5 people to work on the online nut brand, three squirrels.

financial data show that three squirrels in 2016 to achieve 4 billion 423 million revenue, an increase of 116.47%, net profit of 237 million yuan, an increase of 2535%. This brisk report card, enough to make industry peers speechless.

roads, and more people walk, and they become a road. We can sell our products on our website.

AD about their new station:

there are many ways, there are many types, not one by one list, I hope you play their own, do not rely on advertising alliances, the webmaster himself will think is king!

2. Film news station: the movie is very expensive, and his returns are also very large, movie publicity is also a good fat. For example, your station traffic is large, and go to the movie to talk about the price, you do his advertising on the website, help him promote, how much advertising fee a month?.

before 2012, the domestic has done a good snack brands, such as the Iraqi, good goods shop, and the smell of herbs, but these brands are still based on the traditional offline model. The line is still a virgin territory.

April 21, 2017, snack snack electricity supplier giant squirrel three Limited by Share Ltd officially released prospectus, intends to be listed on the gem.

now the vast majority of webmaster are rely on mom, shlf1314 and other large advertising alliance. And some webmasters go for smaller alliances. However, mom and shlf1314 said K is K, K, and you have nothing to say, call it a rich man. A small league can make money, but it’s serious.

in 2012, when everyone think, red red also Heby 2011 electricity supplier in June 19th, "three squirrels" was born, only half a year later, "double eleven" single day sales exceeded 7 million 660 thousand yuan, in 2013 January monthly performance exceeded 20 million yuan, ranking the industry easily nuts whole network first.

2014 annual sales exceeded 1 billion yuan. 2015 half year sales of more than 1 billion 200 million yuan, the annual sales is expected to break 2 billion yuan. After the completion of the four round of financing, the current valuation of three squirrels has reached 4 billion yuan.

, for example:

?There are always

1, nuts online is difficult to become a brand: nuts are a very low threshold of the beginning of processing products, anyone can enter this line >


, three squirrels,

, is there no way out for our webmaster,

3. Novel reading station: you can sell popular novels, set up a payment system, sell your own or someone else to provide platform, you sell for others.

three great secrets of squirrel success three

the first time to write the article, write well, please forgive me,

Abstract: three squirrels rely on electricity providers started to be listed! Can be seen, if you really run a IP, the very small things very delicate, experience, feeling strong enough, it can also be very high.

, behind this string of beautiful data, where is the secret of the success of the three squirrels?

if you have been to three squirrels in this company, you can see, there is a company specially by yellow light and grey bricks made the old time effect of the corridor, carved with the slogan "either the first, or die", a string of numbers even a time axis.

‘s first tip: stepping on the Taobao bonus

Zhang Liaoyuan is mainly based on these two considerations:

Zhang Liaoyuan said in an interview, three squirrels success lies in every step of the step on the pace of Internet development today, don’t say one million and five hundred thousand dollars, you are to give one hundred million yuan, let me make a three squirrel in Tmall is certainly no chance, because Taobao exports no bonus.

three "squirrel" founder "Diddy" Zhang Liaoyuan, the rock.


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