What is the Negative Shanghai Longfeng site should be how to prevent

said Google why punishment, big website allows negative Shanghai dragon like a big cup, the greater the site there is a permissible value, more negative Shanghai dragon also, more sites are more positive in Shanghai Longfeng magnetic effect, so for small sites, this is very bad situation.

(1) regularly watch all kinds of Shanghai Longfeng indicators, such as: backlink, profile, Pagerank search ranking, flow and so on… These indicators if there is any abnormal phenomenon, must as soon as possible to understand, such as the backlink rapid increase or decrease, the search rankings disappear, traffic plummeted and Pagerank decline, are likely to be affected by the Negative of Shanghai dragon.

for small sites or new sites, it is easy to fall into the ~ content is empty, too many pages, people out of Shanghai dragon links and so on…

is the author proposed direction:

is not in fact, the meaning of the above is just because of the influence of spam, while the larger site must be in a good framework, will be more and more easily with excellent search rankings, if the structure is not good, do not necessarily have the benefits of big website.

so for small sites, if a competitor for the Negative Shanghai dragon to attack your site, it may have a significant effect, so the small website must have prevention programs to ensure the search rankings.


so large as in the website of warships or aircraft carriers, can bear larger waves, and small sites like boats, if not pay attention to easily drowned.

here to mention a very important concept is " whether Paid will distinguish between nobility baby Link and Sponsor Link? " "noble baby said for large web sites or small sites alike, as long as that will be punished, but because the penalties stations may be too obvious to influence the search rankings will not so, the outside world will think for large websites too tolerant. But according to the observation, noble baby for large flow and well-known sites, usually could not see much of the effect of the punishment. "


many sites operating Shanghai would have a positive effect on the dragon for the website, which uses Positive (positive Shanghai dragon) Shanghai Longfeng way, but do you think that Positive is likely to become the Shanghai dragon Negative Shanghai Dragon (negative Shanghai dragon), why? How should we avoid?

however, whether the larger web search ranking will be relatively easy to have excellent

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