Why do we have to carry out the original writing on the website

second, the quality of the original content is actually responsible for the products and services. The author found that the current site optimization as we write Er Shanghai dragon general enterprise products articles or service articles, these articles are our own enterprise image spokesperson, quality content is the best performance for the enterprise products and services for the company’s products would express parameters is not clear, for the service content is not professional and even after reading articles published out the user can only reduce the users for the website trust, low quality articles sold his company, so we must have the conscience of Shanghai dragon Er rice, dry matter of conscience. The writing process is actually their process to introduce product features and service to the customer, just copy others or copy the competitor information, to highlight their product features to highlight their core business

first, from the analysis of quality content is for customer service point of search engine. Website optimization is to search engine service, in fact, if you stand in love Shanghai perspective, it is not difficult to find the real optimization for our site service, if their article quality is low, even if the search engines crawl to the site, the user after reading no value, so, love Shanghai to enhance the website weight obviously, what is deceiving and even enhance their site to love Shanghai home, in fact in writing quality content we propose not to love Shanghai but a real service for customers, the final weight and website ranking promotion but also because the inevitable result of our service users, because the original content to keep the user, increase user viscosity certainly, the website quality will be greatly improved, the weight will be naturally accumulated.

as everyone knows, the website optimization of the high quality of the original article is the basis for the rapid weight gain of our site, but look at the entire Internet low quality content spread, love Shanghai eventually forced repeated launched the Mars algorithm, visible Shanghai for love aversion low quality the content of low quality as if we eat every day a lot of junk food and no breakfast, is obviously the harm to the body, the content is the site of the food, the content, the low quality of the website can resort to deceit to gain the weight and ranking? So, as a webmaster we write the value and meaning of the original article is obviously.


third, the original article can exercise their own style of writing writing their own ideas. We all know the good-for-nothing, having read more than ten thousand books, writing if there is god. These oldsayings that are diligently for their academic help, then, as the occupation people we must continuously improve their ability of writing, whether it is business or the promotion of the writing of the article, in the process of writing their own ideas will be expanded and a great workout, landing every piece of good articles, when you get great inspiration in turn again when reading always, in fact the new perception is their best writing award, not only to the long-term.

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