What is the user wants Shanghai dragon optimization

through three cases above, we know that the site is not only to Shanghai, Shanghai dragon optimization for ranking, because the site finally services or users, when building a web site if the user behavior factors into account, so the website of Shanghai dragon phoenix is relatively easy.

1, insert the main keyword phrase at the beginning of the title

of course for the website to make the user experience is not the right, more hope you find.

of the Shanghai dragon HaoChen blog: 贵族宝贝haochen072贵族宝贝/post/114.>

some people think that the "click here" is a better choice, because readers are more likely to follow a clear command, I don’t think it is very suitable for the site. If the method of "click here" is to use the global, you get a web site, each link is the same, so the urgency of all commands lost. Because obviously the reason, this situation is not conducive to the user to read and spider crawling your site and link to your context.

, managing your fleet productivity"

through content you want to guide the user to another article, then you will remind the reader of the search engine and a new page is all about what.

some web designers (and many web content writers) search engine optimization view as one of the effective factors of Web strategy in Web content. However, when performed correctly, Shanghai dragon can improve the site visitor experience.

in this article, I will be through a foreign CPS tracking system company website case that Shanghai dragon could be improved by the user thought. Can help gain a solid understanding of the site builders of Shanghai Longfeng practices, to create efficient website.

when people browse the web, their attention is drawn to the title. If they had to suspend or even a few seconds to understand the meaning of it, or click.

is another way to tell the search engines and web users, the site has a very important content, so it is shown in bold, then for the user to find the key,

we hope that the reader’s attention on the theme of the page, so the search engine optimization and user we have to do their own work. Some people will be italic text search engine and used to attract the attention of readers, but I am opposed to use, because sometimes it is hard to read in the text in italics.

began to enter the topic

3, called keywords action link

example: below is a GPS tracking system to sell the company’s Web site home page.

2, use bold text keywords

the meaning of the title is: "GPS tracking system" is superior, "said

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