Whether fighting webmaster Shanghai dragon cognitive mentality

: Shanghai dragon is not only the second ranking, do the webmaster in customer service network company must know, came to the company for help enterprises, most of the opening is to ask whether can improve the ranking, in the course of time many webmasters think Shanghai dragon is only ranking, but the ranking of words is only part of the Shanghai dragon, truly comprehensive the Shanghai Dragon technology should be more extensive than keyword ranking. Do Shanghai dragon should have a clear target site just by a few main keywords can bring traffic is very limited, site through optimization of Shanghai Longfeng, improve the site’s user experience, and improve the long tail keywords spider web site ranking, improve the structure of the construction site, keywords ranking has not necessarily bring flow, but does not show that a web site is sure to bring order, Shanghai dragon or more from the site of internal optimization, improve the site overall operation, combined with SEM can truly achieve the ultimate.

: the first Shanghai dragon no secret recipe, often see advertising station released Shanghai dragon success, Shanghai dragon is really a secret that Shanghai Longfeng more is to look at the search engine’s transformation, only true understanding of search engine change, in order to truly become the master of Shanghai dragon. See the Shanghai dragon about the secret of success, but also the various training enterprises out of the bluff, said but is also a common theoretical knowledge, practice is rarely involved, not to mention what is the secret. If you really want to say the secret of Shanghai dragon, that is who has the ability to search engines are playing in the palm of your hand.


with the development of network, more and more industries need Shanghai Longfeng talent, sometimes enterprise huataijiaqian does not find the right talent, but on the network every day there are so many webmaster, difficulty really have no talent? The webmaster and lack in the end what mentality, unable to become a high-end Shanghai dragon R. Whether the webmaster understand their industry should have the mentality of

again: Shanghai dragon no shortcuts, there are a lot of forum webmaster flicker, quick to move out of one effective within a few days, if you really have this powerful, he can do a lot of the site, to profit, which have time to help you to solve the problem, this kind of webmaster most optimization cheating and flicker. Many owners think Shanghai is in the hole drill dragon search engine, so as to improve the site’s ranking, but the search engine technology is constantly improving, the real Shanghai Longfeng not drill holes, but really to understand the algorithm, do the algorithm can cater to the website. Using the optimized mentality of cheating, not long the site to do so, a short time can improve the site traffic, but also can disappear in a short period of time in 100. For the formal enterprise website, may not consider the use of optimization techniques. Shanghai Longfeng there is no shortcut, but some webmaster attitude is not correct after the operation, and the path of the industry, to become a real Shanghai dragon master, cheating optimization of Shanghai dragon do not have shortcut mentality. < >

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