The search engine is equipped with infinite long tail flow method detonated phpcms total station opt

if.Htaccess is unable to create, you can choose to create a TXT file, save file as.Htaccess in the broad, as follows:

= "phpcms admin in the extended URL rules management method we can customize for Shanghai dragon URL optimization rules; pseudo static configuration method of phpcms is very flexible and easy to use, URL rules to address URL column of last generation, example, needless to say, we can use the available variable configuration rules for URL the site map, examples are as follows: [note]

program and content pages of the same rules; after the configuration is complete, the content management "column" = = = "random selection of a column generation set HTML =" select whether to generate HTML, then we establish the selection rule of URL, don’t forget to refresh the cache column.


RewriteEngine on

two, apache.htaccess pseudo static configuration


no matter in the past or now, the code programming a smattering of stationmaster are still a minority, this article is a technical method of paste, mainly introduces the framework of phpcms search engine equipped with infinite long tail flow method was used to detonate, dedecms, CMS, discuz and other imperial open source framework, because the phpcms is more suitable for me now in contact with Shanghai Longfeng and deployment architecture and framework of PHP two, mainly is two; we know that basically all open source frameworks are equipped with search engine configuration, such as Sphinx, and a large part of the site are basically no use to, or simply use site search function, this article will detail describes how to use the search engine equipped with infinite long tail flow and detonated only for additional technical benefits [] is not an independent host, said H1, don’t say TDK! Phpcms two to complete the basic need to spend a week or so, of course, for the old driver, this time may be a bit long, but not for the technology, can be regarded as welfare stickers.

pseudo static station what benefits? We don’t need to keep updating the website, especially when the site data and the website group is relatively large, generation of the static will make you crazy, the disadvantage is that the host requires a little high, however, this is not the focus of the

, a phpcms station pseudo static method

RewriteRule ^content- ([0-9]+) – ([0-9]+) – ([0-9]+).Html$index.php m>?


is opted not to generate static The configuration method of

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