JavaScript analysis let the search engine to see more real

abstract, realize the result to other effect ", and described later, and put an elephant into the refrigerator is very similar, is divided into three steps: find to write / modify the target (find the elephant), ready to write / modify the content (open the door), write / edit (put it in).

for a long time, the webmaster choose to use JavaScript to achieve the dynamic behavior of the web page, the reason is various, such as speeding up the response speed, reduce the page site traffic, hidden links or embedded advertising etc.. As the early search engines do not have corresponding processing ability, often cause problems in this kind of index page, may not be included valuable resources, may also appear cheating.

analysis of this point, to achieve the required function is basically determined, which is more simple:

, a

the three step mapping to the JavaScript, the browser function is standard: three groups successively call page element positioning, data preparation and modification of the page. Then, JavaScript analytical work is also provided with such a function, content and the corresponding behavior was found in the head of the JavaScript code to call nature.

The introduction of


JavaScript analytical purpose is to solve the two problems mentioned above, the result is that the search engine can more clearly understand the actual user to open the page to see the effect of. For example, some websites will be user reviews, ratings and other information from the HTML of the page, even when using JavaScript dynamic AJAX method to be opened in the page is displayed, the page content can early search engines to now is missing, which will further influence on the value judgment index page.

document.getElementById / /

generally, page links are existed in the HTML A tag in the form, link URL markers in the href attribute, but there are some websites will choose more "dynamic", there are two common ways: one is dynamic write or adjust the A tag, another is the trigger change the default event when a user clicks on the link to open the way.

to introduce JavaScript analysis, need to consider the factors of design and implementation, analytical speed and other aspects of the system influence, through some typical cases to analyze how to design and implement a set of "JavaScript analysis system, and briefly introduces the system for the other part of the search engine function and influence.

1. dynamic write or adjust the link tag

page link found

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