Micro blog short chain or can be used as a new chain

Micro-blog This

first, definition of short chain (Encyclopedia explanation)


from birth until now, abnormal hot, buy mutual powder, powder, powder brush. Today talk about how micro-blog, micro-blog on short chain issues concern Shanghai dragon.

the chain site, yet not many people pay attention to the chain, to seize new territory, you know. As for is not outside the chain, as you believe, I believe.

I long winded a few words, to get to the next, to explore the micro-blog short link is not outside the chain, the chain is from other sites into their own websites, from the perspective of short chain. Although micro-blog after conversion, but still point to our website, in line with the definition of the website chain.

original editor: Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon old white www.hby Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝 intelligent advertising

from the figure, see Google believes the final links for this blog site, micro-blog is just a short chain jump, can be said that this is a chain. I think everything can transfer the weights of the links should be the chain, is not limited to the hyperlink anchor text, hyperlinks, the role of the chain is the final vote, transfer the weight, so to be able to achieve this effect should be classified to the chain link.

again from the top principle of short chain access to micro-blog know, is to go through the process of the jump, jump I believe no one believes it is "inevitable is the HTTP service code jump, jump.

is inclined to the old white micro-blog short chain is the chain, the premise is included in your micro-blog search engine is not included, also do not talk about the chain. Perhaps you will say, micro-blog short chain can not directly reach my website, yes, it is after the jump. I ask you, the site of 301 redirection allows you to directly reach the site? Is after the jump, the website weight transfer is so far by 301 to implement, here you should understand that the author wants to express. 301 directional domain micro-blog short chain back to the search engine, SE can also track the crawling, weight transfer, the author thinks that we should also have, although this temporarily unable to verify, SE does not show. From the noble baby administrator tool chain statistics, found that Google included short link Tencent.

use Adsense tools to check HTTP information can be verified.

short links, popular, is the longest URL web site, through program calculation, converted to a short string. Generation of short chain is not compressed but through the web site, the original URL encryption arithmetic processing, the short URL. Visit, as long as the original address correspondence, and short link mapping, can achieve the effect of jump.

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