Love you is to click on the Shanghai king or the user experience for the road

is currently on different occasions, the Shanghai dragon ER have expressed different views:


, click on the principle of the algorithm is based on the principle: the user clicks, love Shanghai think a good website must be popular, so inevitable that click people should be more, if found a site, especially effective for the top 20 sites, this kind of vulnerability, a large number of cheating, click through to improve website ranking. .

love Shanghai Click:

algorithm: originally wanted to go beyond the first or top five sites, have your homework, now you can click light >

why founder of Shanghai Longfeng teacher Cardiff also puzzled about this, he said to call Shanghai dragon Er together to explore this topic, let love Shanghai officials to pay attention, for cheating in the way, do you think we must fight! Also joined in the Gang also is a click to the official ban on the practice of

is the most recent stir than for love Shanghai hit the hot, some people worry about joy. The joy is not as easy as blowing away the dust, you can rank straight up, sitting on the front page position; the sorrow is hard, earnest do stand friends but these click on the site came up, squeezed down, even a few years old station are lost to new click up. No matter is in the user experience or user content, can not match the station could light stately on the front page.

For the love of Shanghai

Tang Shijun (Shanghai dragon A5 station network manager): Recently, more and more people in the "24 hour home" service, this service also in some Adsense, Shanghai dragon website to purchase a large number of advertising, "24 hours on the home page is click ranking. Click on the ranking of severely disrupted the Shanghai dragon industry, make Shanghai dragon industry more impetuous, so adhere to the white hat Shanghai dragon Er no confidence, let the Internet spam more, A5 webmaster and Shanghai dragon team, strong support for the fight against click ranking any black hat techniques to fight click ranking, begin from me, our own the website does not accept this kind of advertising business, to see their own forum click ranking AD paste and resolutely remove

? What is the principle that

Li Zhou (famous software writers Xu Ziyu): I love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in Sina @, so far no reply, I was preparing to write an article on the Shanghai Love Click ranking of the article, cheating is too serious, love Shanghai really need to tidy up! And write down the "love Shanghai City Zhongzhi into ranking click device life long".

Click on the

visible click algorithm, now become human can control the love Shanghai rankings, to love Shanghai original intention may be to the user experience, in order to make the user experience better, but so it’s algorithm cannot withstand a single blow a little disappointed, imposing a search engine company, but can not avoid such mistakes.


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