How to get away from the junk content on the nternet bubble era

: the first spider spider waste page for each site is provided with a crawling mechanism, first will have a certain number of each crawl crawl, if there is a large number of duplicate pages in the site, the spider to retrieve the need to repeat, repeat the search per page, the chance to grab a spider other pages of small. At the same time, the spider will often filter on the same page in the database, and this will lead to the site included fewer.

: finally, affect the user experience, whether it is business or mall site, website, website of the core is the user, the user does not love the same content always appears on the site, or always appear on the Internet spread information for users is that they want to see new things, do not say is original. The content is at least to help them. Duplicate pages will not only spread the weight, but also seriously affected the user experience.

will improve the search engine technology, search engine can have the ability to distinguish what is original? What is the duplicate content? The spider will often not clean up some what the value of the site to the user, even directly removed from the search engine. It is now the era of the Internet bubble, but there are still a part of the webmaster to original, adhere to new things, as long as adhere to new things, it will not be eliminated by the industry. Bubble era to rebirth, and how to avoid from spam? I give you talk about a few methods:

garbage content mainly refers to those who copy and paste, reproduced to remove the copyright and other content, duplicate content garbage is not only between the two sites, sometimes CMS is not perfect, will lead to the emergence of a large number of duplicate content on the same site, the content will cause interference to the search engine spiders will crawl selective filtering for the repeat page, in the end what influences will be brought to the site:

: first improve the specification of Web site information, site due to system problems, leading to a page can have multiple access entrance, this situation try to make each page can have only one URL, will.

: then dispersed page weight, multiple versions of existing pages in the website, webmaster can’t decide the spider will crawl display that version of the page, sometimes encountered spider crawl is not the main push of the display page, the page is not necessary to crawl, weight is higher than that of the main page, this page will not only affect the website content replication the user experience, may also lead to reduce the turnover rate of the website. In a word, the search engine will not choose the version that you want, it will lead to weight dispersion.

since the birth of the search engine, netizens to bring a lot of benefits, but because of netizens lazy habits, online spam flooding is normal, but the search engine in the website of the core to put emphasis on content construction, to really want to get the ranking and flow, it is difficult to succeed only by copy/paste.

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