Shanghai Longfeng high realm of several common link bait

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some people say that now the chain is not so important, do not do the chain does not matter. In fact, I don’t agree with that view, I think that even if the chain on the site the weight down to low, which is used to enhance the website weight weapon, he is born king, because any kind of methods are not as easy as it is convenient.

however, it is dead, people are living, regardless of anything, we can always find the countermeasures to cope with, then, to have the original false original, according to the link, have to buy the chain.

is a website to healthy growth cannot leave the chain brought nutrition. A chain is like the one antenna in the environment of network inside the needed nutrients from everywhere, the more the chain, the higher the quality of course will have enough nutrients.

said the chain said yesterday, had to love Shanghai thrilling, fortunately, is just a false alarm, or all the previous work was in vain. The quantity, the high quality of the chain is especially chain of correlation, widely degrees and the weight of the chain. My love is a lazy person, so I tend to find ways to reduce my "must work". According to several aspects to do their own site outside the chain.

, first select objects: to link bait is a link, can give site links not ordinary users, but the webmaster, blogger and active member. So the first thing to consider is the webmaster needs rather than ordinary users needs. Want to know this kind of people are more interested in what the right direction, effort, or effort.

Linkbait seven points:

Adsense to do keyword ranking, need a lot of resources, especially in the construction of the chain and content construction, good resources can make the website to achieve a qualitative leap in a short period of time. I like a lot of friends, usually pay attention to the collection of a lot of links to resources, with the anchor text link gov, gov forum link, some can send links high weight website forum, personal space, blog, chain exchange website etc.. Both of these resources in the new line or old station maintenance can make our work more easily. Today I will share with you, how to make the chain through the link bait, oneself in the usual Shanghai Longfeng maintenance is paid attention to collecting, adhering to the operation, you can easily create 10000 chain. Linkbait is the fastest way to get outside the chain. There are a variety of linkbait practical application, it is difficult to have a unified standard for a variety of situations, but overall, creativity is a very important factor.

many webmaster said Shanghai dragon is a very tiring work, this is a not false, just imagine, the original article need to spend time, but also not a little bit of time, increase the site chain need time, sustained and stable increase of the chain requires more time, especially in the the chain has become more and more difficult today.

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