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yesterday by a friend’s care, want on their corporate websites do website structure diagnosis simple, not refuse to, in a very long time to pick up a website structure should be in the end what to review how to do a good structure, then. We borrow the enterprise web site analysis of this matter, to analyze some specific situations about this site.


to understand URL, how to understand, that is the love of Shanghai index, other than that.

which is obtained in the noble baby results, the results also show that the unification of URL, make the same content appeared in different URL, in fact, if you use absolute address, these can also be avoided, the duplicate content in Shanghai dragon in need to avoid the vast, duplicate content the right down I have contact with too much, or avoid the need to avoid.

This is the basic

explained in the website, 301 directly jump to the /index.html page, the suffix, self feeling is unable to agree, after all when I look at this website, that is dedecms, that domain name weight again, there will also be more, this jump Feiyun search in the love. Shanghai, found not included this domain name suffix. Give me the feeling of love, Shanghai will recognize this situation, just as in our use of discuz will be the emergence of the "/forum.php", however, if it is to do Shanghai dragon, this is a need to improve. After all, only the domain name is the only domain name, do not need to jump.

first open the site, the hierarchical structure of this website at the record, and URL information, as shown in figure

URL in this one link, also found as follows in the enterprise website often encounter problems, it is an absolute address and relative address in the website, personal love mean absolute address is written for each link represents the address, because I do not want to happen,

: the first to analysis the website URL

URL hierarchy to this website, from above, we can see that the content of the website structure in the directory for the 2 layer directory, arrived at the bottom, also shows that from one point, can be made in this way, the search for crawling with the level of some help; but in the home page URL, and "/index.html", do not know is deliberate or something, and then query this website HTTP status code, as shown in figure




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